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White is unstoppable

The tears are rolling just as smoothly as Kerry White’s bike tires these days.

White, the Vail rider with type 1 diabetes fulfilling her dream of riding solo across the country in the Race Across America, is a seemingly unstoppable force.

In her push across the country, White has slept about three hours a night, kept an overall speed of more than 10 mph and moved those around her.

White’s husband, Stephen, has been in tears watcher her race and listening to others talk about her.

White’s parents, who made the trip from Australia to watch her, can’t hide their emotions when talking about their daughter.

“She’s always been a great kid, a determined person ” she sets her goals and works to achieve them,” said Wendy, White’s mother. “It’s exhilarating as a parent to see her working to get to (the finish in) Atlantic City, (N.J.).”

Perry Stone, who is blogging about the Race Across America, had plenty to say about White:

“Judging by the volume of e-mails, well wishes and requests that we are receiving for Kerry White, about the only thing stopping her from becoming the next President of the United States is that she was born in Australia. Diabetes sufferers and the rest of the world are captivated by this woman’s courage and ambition to complete the Race Across America, even without official status.

“Kerry is suffering with a smile and she is enjoying the little perks she is allowed to get away with as her mother Wendy told me, ‘The little bugger is eating a lot of protein, something she usually doesn’t do.’

“Her father, Bill, tells me that yesterday a woman drove up beside Kerry as she rode and asked if she was Kerry White, which Kerry confirmed she was. The lady thanked her and drove off.

“A little further east on the course the woman appeared again. This time, she had her young diabetic daughter with her who desperately wanted to meet or at least see Kerry.

“Kerry was overcome and stopped pedaling, taking the time to talk with mother and child. Everyone was thrilled with the encounter and then Kerry got back to pursuing her dream of completing the Race Across America, knowing that she had made a mother and daughter stronger and braver about the world that they must face.

“We will keep you updated on this heroic woman’s quest as much as we can, but for now I need a hankie.”

Midway through Ohio Wednesday, White had a second to hop off her bike, and put a cell phone to her ear.

“It’s been incredibly awesome. I have my family and a lot of very close friends,” White said. “It’s incredible ” people are at every street corner, everywhere, they are cheering for me.

“Words can’t really describe (how she feels). It’s the most extreme mental and physical thing you can ever test your body with”

But White knows how hard it would be without all the help.

“I wouldn’t be where I am right now without the crew I have,” White said. “This isn’t a race about a cyclist. It’s a race about an incredible group of people helping someone with their life-long dream.”

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