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Why we hate the NFL preseason and other thoughts

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The NFL Preseason.What exactly does that mean? Shouldn’t we call it for what it is? The NFL Extortion Season When The Owners Don’t Pay the Players And Force Season-Ticket Holders To Pay Full Price?That doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. We’ll work on it. In the meantime, it’s safe to say we were all watching the Niners-Broncos, ahem, preseason game Saturday night.– Interesting headline in Saturday’s Vail Daily – Jerry Rice’s old team hardly looks he same as it once did. Well, that’s pretty insightful. More insightful would be Jerry Rice doesn’t look like he once did. Hang ’em up, Jerry. n I’ll save you 17 weeks by saying the Broncos will charge out of the gate 5-0, finish the first half 6-2 and then stumble down the stretch, finishing 9-7. And, 9-7 does not make the playoffs in the AFC.

— Of course, 9-7 in the NFC could mean homefield in the first round of the playoffs.– What is all the nonsense about Terrell Owens? Taking nothing away from his skills, we’ve always known he’s a prima donna. Further, the Eagles aren’t going to the Super Bowl this year. Says here it’s Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons against, going out on a limb here, the New England Patriots.– Fallout of the Randy Moss trade … The Vikings and Raiders both go into the ditch, though Kerry Collins does throw for 4,000 yards.– Welcome back, Ricky Williams. Just tell them it’s incense.– The 49ers and Cardinals are playing a regular season game in Mexico this year. Is this any way to market the NFL? You’d have just as much luck sending the Carolina Hurricanes and Atlanta Thrashers.– Convenient segue to hockey … I hate to say anything nice about Flyers general manager Bobby Clarke, one of the worst people in the world, but he’s done a great job this offseason. Look for Philly in the Cup Finals next spring.

— Eric Lindros to the Leafs. Great, just what Toronto needed – another old guy with a history of injuries.– The Avs signed Curtis Leschyshyn last week. That definitely puts them over the top.– Wayne Gretzky a coach? Um, no. Great players do not make great coaches and No. 99 was the greatest of them all.– The Avs are down. So is Detroit. So who the heck is going to win the West? San Jose and Vancouver stood pat. Calgary and Edmonton saw their stock rise, as did Anaheim. Your guess is as good as mine.– Speaking of things West, what in the world do you do with the NL West? As a Giants fan, I hang my head in shame. Would someone please finish over .500? If not, the Pacific Coast League champion should represent the division in the playoffs.

— Moving to the AL East, would all Red Sox fans just take the mellowing agent of their choice and go to their designated “happy place?” The lead over the Yankees is down to three games. Remain calm. The Yankees don’t have the pitching. Schilling’s starting Thursday. The Sox will win the division, the pennant and the Series. Seriously, you Red Sox fans make the Unabomber look like a stable mental individual.– In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the I Hope My Franchise Player Doesn’t Get Hurt NFL Preseason.Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 614, or cfreud@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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