Work on the setup and finish |

Work on the setup and finish

Tom F. Stickney II

Everyone knows how to stand up to the golf ball at address, but most players do not understand the importance of the lateral tilting of their

spine during this segment of the swing.

This tilting of the spine at address controls where your center of gravity is located and will help you better to control the displacement of your weight.

This center of gravity is located in your belt buckle, and must be positioned behind the golf ball at address. If the “CG” is positioned in front of or even over the top of the golf ball, a big reverse weight shift or sway could follow.

For a right-handed player, the Tour average spinal tilt is 6 -10 degrees, about 2-4 inches to the right of center at address, putting about 55 percent of your weight on your right foot. It will also place your right shoulder a few inches lower than your left setting you up in a more powerful, athletic starting position to hit the ball.

Take the time to experiment with this factor but be careful, to little tilt and you will sway or reverse shift, too much tilt to the right and you will hang back through impact

The balanced finish

Whenever I see Tiger Woods follow through to his finish position I just marvel at his balance.

If you drew a line from his nose to his belt buckle, and then continued to his left knee and his left foot, you would notice it would be a perfectly straight line that would be perpendicular to the ground. Normally, this finish position is a by-product of the proper pivot (rotational) motion throughout the ball, but in practice you can fake it by using the mirror and training your body to do the right thing.

Your finish position balance is crucial to your shot’s consistency, and don’t fool yourself, even after the ball’s gone it will tell volumes about how your swing is performing.

Look at any good ball-striker (such as Tiger) finish position and you will see that this bodily control will instantly tell you where the shot went. If a player is leaning to the left the ball is usually hanging to the right. If the player is falling over to the right the ball is usually going left.

Watch the next Tour tournament and you will see the leaders weaving and bobbing all over the place in efforts to win the tournament as the nerves get jumping.

In the future watch your finish position, and train your body to have good balance by working on your pivot motion in front of the mirror. The better balance you have the better player you will be.

Tom F. Stickney II is the head of instruction at The Golf Learning Center at The Club at Cordillera.

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