Your 2016-17 Freud Five basketball team |

Your 2016-17 Freud Five basketball team

Battle Mountain's Devin Huffman is a slam-dunk selection for this Freud Five. Opposing teams knew he was coming and the junior nearly averaged a double-double per game this season.
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ALL-League Basketball

4A Western Slope


First team

Devin Huffman, Battle Mountain

Arturo Loera, Eagle Valley

Jesus Loera, Eagle Valley

Second team

Miles Joersz, Battle Mountain

Baker Gentry, Battle Mountain

Garrett Martin, Eagle Valley

Jimmy Murphy, Eagle Valley


First team

Reagan Bossow, Eagle Valley

Kylie Martin, Eagle Valley

Monique Stephens, Battle Mountain

Second team

Stephany Hernandez, Battle Mountain

Cassie Jaramillo, Eagle Valley

Sara Sullivan, Battle Mountain

2A Western Slope


First team

Sebastian Moritz, Vail Christian

Griffin O’Connell, Vail Mountain

Bryan Trujillo, Vail Christian

Second team

Joseph Emmer, Vail Christian

Liam Hurley, Vail Mountain

Marc Phillipon, Vail Mountain

Peter Tice, Vail Mountain


First team

Jesse Raitt, Vail Christian

Second team

Kass Baker, Vail Christian

Marti Schmidt, Vail Christian

Yes, the following team will wear orange and black because it’s the Freud Five.

We’ve got all the all-league basketball selections for Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley, Vail Christian and Vail Mountain. Congratulations to all.

As has become tradition here, we play some fantasy basketball and put together my five, which is always more than five, because I can’t count and it’s darn hard to keep it down to five.

Here are your Freud’s Flying Giants for 2016-17.

Point guard:

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Arturo Loera, Eagle Valley

My favorite moment with the Devils senior was when a fan from an opposing school yelled, “All No. 3 does is shoot 3s.” That’s somewhat akin to former Philadelphia Eagles coach Buddy Ryan saying, “All Cris Carter does is catch touchdowns.”

You bet Loera could stroke the 3, but he ran Eagle Valley’s running offense with aplomb. The kid dropped dimes, be they slick passes in the paint or home-run balls.

Shooting guard:

Sebastian Moritz, Vail Christian

Hey, when you drop 45 in a game as Seb did against Rangely, that pretty much puts you on this team. In fairness to Moritz, he was pretty much a marked man and still averaged 20 points per game.

He is in the great tradition of Saints of 3-point bombers like Robby Bowles and Parker Poage. And Moritz has big-boy range. I am quite content with this backcourt.

Small forward(s):

Martin, Eagle Valley

Yep, both of them, Garrett and Kylie. Apparently, they’re twins. (Yeah, it took me a little while to put two and two together, much to the amusement of the entire Martin clan.)

Kylie’s a bit out of position here, but she’s pretty much used to doing a lot of different things. Yes, she busted through 1,000 points for her career, and that’s very well and good. I liked how she played defense and found other ways to help her team win. The Palisade win was one such example.

Kylie’s off to Laramie County Community College to play volleyball next year. Kylie, please say hi to Carlee Morrison and to assistant coach Britney Branson.

As for Garrett, his selection as a second-teamer is absolutely wrong. On a team of studs, he was quite possibly the MVP. (It’s either Jimmy Murphy or G-Mart. Does that make Kylie K-Mart? Yes, your sports editor is a dork.)

While starting was a nebulous concept because the Devils bench ran 11 deep with massive substitutions throughout the game, Martin came off the bench and filled in for big-man Dawson Keller and shooting-guard Murphy at various points this season. That skill set is pretty special.

Garrett always seemed to be in the right spot for a key rebound or a tip-in — remember the second Battle Mountain game? That’s not a coincidence.

Power forward:

Jimmy O’Connell/Griffin O’Murphy, from the mythical Vail Valley High School

Yes, Freud, again invokes his prerogative to play 7-on-5 or as I did with the name, we use some form of Star Trek mind-melding to form one super player here. (Is everyone starting to see why I was not popular when I was actually in high school?)

Both Eagle Valley’s Murphy and Vail Mountain’s Griffin O’Connell just must be mashed into this team somehow.

The Devils were 13-5 before Jimmy Murphy got hurt and 1-5 after, which spurs the Devils MVP debate of Martin or Murphy, and makes his presence on the team essential. Jimmy had a sweet shot and also just played big.

Speaking of big, VMS’ Griffin O’Connell is still big, as opposing lacrosse teams are discovering. O’Connell led the Gore Rangers to their first winning season as a varsity program and pretty much scared the stuff out of anyone who entered the paint.


Devin Huffman, Battle Mountain

For most of the season, the Huskies were one-dimensional and it really didn’t matter. It’s one thing to sneak up on teams as Huffman did last year in making all-league.

It’s different when everyone knows your coming, and you still go off. Huffman averaged nearly a double-double as a junior. He also had the signature moment of the 4A season with the thunder dunk against Eagle Valley in Round 2 of the rivalry.

The goal for the Huskies is to find some outside threat to prevent opposing teams from quintupling-down on Huffman next year.


Paul Stephens, Battle Mountain

Eagle Valley’s Chris Walls and Vail Christian’s Sheldon Kuhns were in the running, but if you lead Battle Mountain girls basketball to a winning season, you coach the Freud Five. Congratulations, Paul Stephens.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure the last time the Battle Mountain girls were over .500 was my first year here at the Daily, the winter of 1997-98, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The way-too-early 2017-18 Freud Five:

Some players to watch as next season looms.

• Ethan Kuhns, Vail Christian … He coached up his teammates and supported them well, but having grown up with Dad as coach, Ethan was so bummed to be hurt this season.

What’s more, the Saints need him. Vail Christian is all set at guard with Bryan Trujillo and Moritz. The Saints need size. That’s you, Ethan, as well as Michael Gorla, Zach McKeever and Alex Hilty, to name a few.

• Baker Gentry, Battle Mountain … A sophomore, Gentry had ups and downs, as would be expected from a underclassman. He should be the point guard for the Huskies next year. Work, work, work.

• Marti Schmidt and Jesse Raitt, Vail Christian … The Saints girls got squeezed out of the postseason early because the 2A Slope is tough, tough, tough. These two will be seniors next year and it’s time to take the next step.

• Carlos Quezada and Dre Lozano, Eagle Valley … The Devils graduate 11 seniors this spring, and so Eagle Valley will need some guys to step into varsity roles. These two got playing time this winter and will have to be leaders.

• Regan Bossow, Eagle Valley … First off, her first-team selection was correct. As Eagle Valley girls basketball adjusts to life without Kylie Martin, her presence will be key.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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