Young Vail skiers show skills in Kinder Kombi |

Young Vail skiers show skills in Kinder Kombi

Vail Daily staff reportVail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail DailySki & Snowboard Club Vail's Brendan Keane

VAIL, Colroado -This past weekend, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s J5 and J4 teams raced at Breckenridge in four Kombi events. The Kinder Kombi, an internationally recognized event adopted by the Rocky Mountain Division of USSA, consists of slalom and giant slalom elements, including SL gates, GS gates and stubby gates (short SL poles). The event has at least five transitions from slalom into giant slalom and back to slalom. The racers have to think on their feet and get their head into each discipline as they are transitioning from short to long turns on a demanding track over one minute long. “The kids love this event because they can really show off their skills and athleticism,” said coach Rika Moore. “This is the event when not just the best racer wins, but also the most tenacious and athletic young racer can prevail. Young racers aged 8 to 13 showed off their skills in an event that they only train for a couple of weeks during the season.”

Saturday Kinder KombiJ5 Girls PM Race: Nellie Talbot 1st Olivia, Clauss 4th Elisabeth Clauss 5th Jessica McMurtry 6th Elise Viola 10th Katie Collins 11th Kendra Hoyt 13th J5 Boys AM Race:Brendan Keane 1st Peer Carnes 3rd Chad mulligan 5th Gus LeBlanc 6th Patrick Scruggs 7th Max Bervy 8th Nathan Cook 12th J5 Boys PM Race:Brendan Keane 2nd Colby Lange 3rd Gus LeBlanc 5th Jacob Dilling 6th Chad Mulligan 7th Patrick Scruggs 9th Jake Dippy 10th Max Bervy 11th Peer Carnes 13th Max Pierce 14th J4 Girls PM Race:Sarah Tyree 5thMegan McGrew 7thHannah Clauss 8thLauren Viola 15th J4 Boys AM Race:Jack Keane 1stQuintin Cook 4thVictor Guilmineau 8thErik Weis 10thSands Simonton, 12th Paul Cuthbertson, 12thJ4 Boys PM RaceJack Keane 1stQuintin Cook 2ndPaul Cuthbertson 4thVictor Guilmineau 8thKinder Kombi Sun 28thJ5 Girls AM Race:Nellie Talbot 1st Kendra Hoyt 4th Samantha Trudeau 6th Elisabeth Clauss 9th Elise Viola 11th Jessica McMurtry 13th J5 Girls PM Race: Nellie Talbot 1st Brianna Trudeau 2nd Kendra Hoyt 6th Elisabeth Clauss 7th Olivia Clauss 8th Jessica McMurtry 12th Elise Viola 14th J5 Boys AM Race:Brendan Keane 1st Jacob Dilling 2nd Flinn lazier 3rd Chad Mulligan 4th Patrick Scruggs 5th Max Bervy 7th Peer Carnes 9th Jake Dippy 11th Gus Le Blanc 13th Halsey Lucas 15th J5 Boys PM Race:Colby Lange 1st Brendan Keane 2nd Flinn Lazier 5th Chad Mulligan 6th Jake Dippy 7th Max Bervy 8th Peer Carnes 9th Jacob Dilling 14th J4 Girls AM Race:Megan McGrew 1stCamilla Trapness 5thHannah Clauss 7thKatelin Hennum 8thSarah Tyree 14thJ4 Girls PM Race:Megan McGrew 5thCamilla Trapness 6thKatelin Hennum 8thHannah Clauss 9thJ4 Boys AM Race:Jack Keane 1stPaul Cuthbertson 4thQuintin Cook 5thVictor Guilmineau 6thErik Weis 12th J4 Boys PM Race:Jack Keane 2ndPaul Cuthbertson 3rdQuintin Cook 4thVictor Guilmineau 8thWoody Scruggs 10thSands Simonton 15th

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