Youngsters shine for Ski and Snowboard Club Vail |

Youngsters shine for Ski and Snowboard Club Vail

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Vail, CO Colorado
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GLENWOOD SPRINGS – Last weekend, Ski and Snowboard Club Vail’s J5 team took to the hill at Sunlight for the Rocky Mountain Division’s J5 Festival.

Saturday, the skiers worked on skills, and on Sunday, Sunlight hosted four slalom races.

The boys and girls of SSCV took first in all four runs in Sunday’s racing, with the boys packing themselves into nine of the top 10 spots in the first slalom of the day.

“I am proud of every athlete’s accomplishments on the difficult course, and their hard work so far this season has paid off,” coach Rika Moore said.

In Sunday’s first slalom for the boys, Brendan Keane took first; Colby Lange, third; Jacob Dilling, fourth; Peer Carnes, fifth; Patrick Scruggs, sixth; Flinn Lazier, seventh; Gus LeBlanc, eighth; Jake Dippy, ninth; and Chad Mulligan, 10th.

The first slalom race for the girls saw SSCV’s Brianna Trudeau in first, Elise Viola in second and Zoe Livran in 15th.

The second slalom for the boys had Lange in first; Keane, second; Carnes, third; Lazier, fourth; Mulligan, sixth; and Dippy, seventh.

In the second run for the girls, Nellie Talbot took first; Viola, third; and Livran, 11th.

Breckenridge J4 super-G

SSCV’s J4 team took to the hill on Breckenridge’s Peak 10 last weekend and raced super-G on Cimarron, ” … the same course the big kids race on,” coach Karen Ghent said.

Saturday, the J4 team had two runs at the hill, and for SSCV’s girls in run No. 1, Megan McGrew took first; Camilla Trapness, third; Sasha Horn, fourth; Heidi Livran, sixth; Abigail Murer, eighth; Katelin Hennum, 10th; and Hannah Clauss, 17th.

Run No. 2 on Saturday for the girls saw McGrew take the top spot again, while Trapness placed second; Horn, fifth; Heidi Livran, sixth; Haily Norvell, 10th; Hennum, 13th; and Clauss, 15th.

For the boys in Saturday’s first run, SSCV’s Jack Keane placed third; Woody Scruggs, seventh; Quintin Cook, eighth; Victor Guilmineau, 16th; and Paul Cuthbertson, 17th.

Run two had Cook in sixth; Woody Scruggs, seventh; Sands Simonton, 19th; and Cuthbertson, 20th.

Sunday’s race saw SSCV’s girls take eight of the top 13 spots with McGrew taking her third gold. Behind McGrew were teammates Trapness in third; Horn, fifth; Heidi Livran, seventh; Hennum, eighth; Norvell, ninth; Murer, 11th; and Clauss, 13th.

The super-G for the boys on Sunday had SSCV’s Jack Keane place second; Woody Scruggs, fourth; Cook, seventh; and Cuthbertson, 16th.

“The boys and girls of SSCV were impressive against Aspen, Team Summit, Team Breck, Loveland Racing Club and the Eldora Ski Team,” Ghent said.

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