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Z Warren sinks CRMS, Ellefson

Vail Daily/Shane Macomber Vail Mountain's Z Warren tears through the Colorado Rocky Mountain's defense to score her third goal of the game Tuesday in Vail. VMS won, 4-3, in overtime.

Pay up, Sylvan.

Sylvan Ellefson scored eight goals for the Vail Mountain School boys soccer team last fall. He had a bet with Z Warren of the VMS girls’ team that she couldn’t score more than eight and Ellefson had to be feeling good leading, 8-5, going into Tuesday’s season finale with the Colorado Rocky Mountain School.

That is until Warren put four in the net as VMS topped the visiting Oysters, 4-3, in overtime.

And the original $10 wager is getting bigger as we speak.

“You’re going to wear my jersey along with giving me money and taking me to dinner,” Warren laughed.

“Juniper has half-price entrees,” VMS coach Jamie Farquhar suggested.

“Sato’s. I want it to be expensive,” Warren retorted.

“Don’t you think I ought to be the third party there,” VMS coach Bob Bandoni asked longingly.

However the negotiations wind up, Ellefson wasn’t surprised by Warren’s effort.

“Not really. She’s great soccer player. Four goals in a game. That matches me,” said Ellefson, who had four against Aspen last fall. “There we go.”

After falling behind 2-0 in the first half, the Gore Rangers turned it on.

“(Z) came off the first half really frustrated because she had multiple opportunities to score and she couldn’t,” Bandoni said. “But it is an important opportunity for an athlete where she found in herself at halftime. The challenge was could she rally herself?”

Umm, yeah.

In the 46th minute, Warren drilled a shot through Oysters goalie. She tied the game at two on a a shot from a seemingly impossible angle on the left end line.

“The ball must have had a lot of English on it. Thank you, Dave Cope,” Bandoni said, referring to the Battle Mountain’s soccer coach who bleeds the red, white and blue of the Union Jack.

Warren struck again in the 71st. That was followed by a gorgeous save from VMS keeper Kris Caples. CRMS’ Beda Calhoun tied it on a beautiful direct kick sending it into overtime.

Ironically on the bench during the second half, Bandoni and the Gore Rangers were talking about Maradonna’s “Hand of God” golden goal in the 1986 World Cup. No Hand of God was needed in the first overtime frame.

Warren lofted a splendid shot from 30 yards out for the golden goal.

“I was just kind of hoping it wouldn’t go over (the crossbar),” she said. “The whole time, I was like ‘Go in. Go in.’ The first time we played this team I had like 11 shots on goal and I only scored on one. So, I felt like I had bad luck.”

Bad luck would apply to VMS soccer this spring. Besieged by injuries up and down the lineup, the Gore Rangers were playing everyone and anyone who could kick a ball, making the season-ending win all the more sweet.

“We have taken, as you can see on the sideline in the form crutches and wheelchairs, so many knocks this year, that it has just required us to go into the recesses and get everything we can out of every player,” Bandoni said. “Of course, you walk off the field, feeling a bit differently when you’re on the winning side.

“It was a complete team effort. We had so many best efforts. On the sideline, you could feel the intensity. You could feel the connection from those players to the players on the field. There can’t be any better way to punctuate the season.”

Farewell to Farquhar

Tuesday marked VMS coach Jamie Farquhar’s final game at the school. Farquhar and his better half are moving to Slippery Rock, Penn., for a new adventure.

“We will miss him a lot, not only his talents within his job, but much more than that,” Bandoni said. “It’s the personality that he’s brought to our school. So, he will be missed a great deal.”

Farquhar said that he will miss VMS deeply and that he was very proud of how the Gore Rangers pulled through this tough season.

“It was a rewarding season to see the way the rest of the girls responded when we had so many injuries to the point where we had a couple of practices with three girls on this field in a snowstorm,” he said. “The attitude stayed positive and it was a really enjoyable season and I’m sad it’s my last.”

No farewell to Farquhar would be complete without a final Vikings prediction, so here it goes: “In the next five years, the Vikings will be Super Bowl champions. You can put that in print.”

Just for kicks

VMS finishes the season 3-7 in the 3A Slope and 3-8 overall. … Tuesday was the final game for seniors Nicole Trumpower and Cassidy Deline.

Huskies fall to Steamboat

Battle Mountain fell at Steamboat, 6-2, in its regular season finale Tuesday.

The Huskies’ Lauren Arnold scored three minutes into the game, giving Battle Mountain some hope.

“We sort of thought that we were going to do well, but it went sour shortly thereafter,” Huskies coach David Cope said. ” It was 2-1, 3-1 and 4-1. Lauren score near the end of the first half to give us a glimmer of hope, but that was that.”

The Huskies finish their 4A Slope slate in second place with a 9-2-1 mark. Battle Mountain hosts Evergreen in a state-seeding game either Friday or Saturday at Freedom Field in Edwards.

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