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4 tips to add to your family’s daily life


No more excuses! Without breaking a sweat, you can probably rattle off a dozen reasons for not exercising. I’ve already showered for the day. I’m too tired. My schedule is packed.

It’s time to make fitness fit into your life. Kayla Harris, MS, Kaiser Permanente workforce health consultant, offers easy ways for anyone to get started with physical activity.

1. Maximize your downtime. Virtually everyone has a favorite TV show, right? “Use commercial breaks as two- to three-minute intervals for lunges or stair climbs,” Harris says. Better yet, walk on a treadmill, use a resistance band, or sit on an exercise ball during the program.

2. Schedule your exercise. Harris recommends putting it on your to-do list daily, even slotting it into a specific time. “Make it another appointment you wouldn’t miss,” she says.

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3. Join a class. “Whether you prefer to swim, practice yoga, or cycle, there’s a class for everyone,” she says. “Plus, instructors will challenge you and will add variety to your routine.”

4. Create reminders. Sometimes we just plow through a day and forget fitness, so leave your walking shoes by the door. Stash a gym bag in the front seat of your car. Wear a pedometer or a fitness tracker. “These are visual reminders,” Harris says, “and fitness technology helps you to track your progress throughout the day.”

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