Eat This Week: 4 questions with Beaver Creek Chophouse mixologist Joe Griffith |

Eat This Week: 4 questions with Beaver Creek Chophouse mixologist Joe Griffith

Joe Griffith has worked at the Beaver Creek Chophouse with CBAR since 2014. He started as a server, then became a bartender, bar manager, beverage director and is now the assistant general manager. He loves everything about Beaver Creek: the terrain, the intimacy, the friendliness, the service.

“Those who know to go to Beaver Creek are the smart ones,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to Eagle County, Vail is of course king. And here in Beaver Creek, we are absolutely fine with that. The more people that head elsewhere and keep our lift lines low and powder stashes deep, well, we thank you.”

Here are four questions with Beaver Creek mixologist Joe Griffith.

Joe Griffith, assistant general manager of the Beaver Creek Chophouse, loves working and recreating in Beaver Creek.
Dominique Taylor

Vail Daily: How do you describe Beaver Creek Village?

JG: Beaver Creek Village is like a little slice of luxury tucked away in Eagle County. One of the best things I hear on a regular basis from guests in the restaurant is that they have been coming to Vail for years and never took the time to check out Beaver Creek “until this trip.” Almost unanimously those guests say how much they enjoy the overall experience of Beaver Creek.

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VD: What are some of your favorite spots to après?

JG: I’m obviously a bit biased, but the patio at the CBAR is the best place to aprés in Beaver Creek. Sitting on the patio on a beautiful day right in front of Centennial, watching everyone coming down the mountain and kicking back a cold beer or delicious cocktail is hard to beat. That being said, I really enjoy the outdoor bar at Toscanini. The bartenders are always fun and it is a great place to people watch directly beside the ice rink.

VD: What are people are looking for when they vacation in Beaver Creek?

JG: Experiences. My goal as the beverage director of the Vail and Beaver Creek Chophouses is to give the guest the best experience that I possibly can. I can do that through food, drinks, conversation and knowledge. I love to travel and I’ve been blessed in my life to have the possibility to live in multiple states and regions of our country, as well as travel to twelve other countries. I’ve done posh and I’ve done dirty. I’ve done relaxed and I’ve done adventure. There are always memories regardless, but the adventures and travels that really stand out are not where I made it happen for myself but when other people made my journey meaningful, worthwhile and sometimes, quite frankly, easier. I hear this all the time about Beaver Creek: How special it is. How often our guests return. How the mountain is so much better.

Joe Griffith’s I’m Your Huckleberry cocktail, made with 44° North huckleberry vodka, lemon, mint and butterfly pea flower.
Dominique Taylor

VD: What’s your favorite season?

JG: In Beaver Creek it is absolutely the late spring and summer. I really enjoy mid-May to early July. Outdoor activities are ramping up in this time as the snow is disappearing or gone; there are not too many people around just yet and it is as beautiful as any place you could ever dream of being. The weather is the best in the world. Period. It never gets too hot, not humid and the nights are just cool enough.

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