Siobhan Fallon Hogan talks about new thriller, “Rushed” |

Siobhan Fallon Hogan talks about new thriller, “Rushed”

Fallon Hogan wrote and produced her first starring role, which centers around a timely, controversial subject

“Rushed” is the story of Barbara O’Brien (Siobhan Fallon Hogan), an Irish Catholic, upstate New York mother whose life is turned upside down after her son dies in a hazing incident.
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Written, produced by and starring Siobhan Fallon Hogan (Saturday Night Live, Men in Black, Forrest Gump) and co-starring Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day), Jake Weary (Animal Kingdom) and Peri Gilpin (Frasier), “Rushed” is a thriller with purpose, released with appropriate timing.

“There are two main audiences for this movie: The college kids and the parents who are worried sick when their kids go to college,” Fallon Hogan said. “I have three kids. When they go to college, you’re still in this weird mode where you’re texting them, telling them to let you know they’re safe, and you’re waking up throughout the night if you don’t get a response.”

“Rushed” is the story of Barbara O’Brien, a loving stay-at-home-mom who puts all her energy into her kids and into her prayers. And when her oldest son goes off to college and joins a fraternity, O’Brien rallies her family to support him with such enthusiasm that borders excessive and, as her family admits, is driving everyone crazy. But the family wants to see their oldest son make it into the fraternity, in hopes it will give him a sense of structure.

Meanwhile, things aren’t so good at the frat house. During pledge week, O’Brien’s son is targeted by the president of the fraternity and becomes the subject of intense hazing incidents. The scenes get more and more uncomfortable, with tragic results. The following sequences are gut-wrenching from there, as you watch a family navigate the stages of grief, and a mother find disappointment in every attempt to find resolve from the university and from politicians.

“I’m not anti-frat, and this is not an anti-frat movie,” Fallon Hogan said. “There are so many good fraternities and sororities, and good people in them. But when there are personalities who can ruin that, it is important that members recognize those people and do what’s right.”

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As some shocking details emerge of what took place surrounding her son’s death, O’Brien’s grief turns to rage, and she starts planning her revenge.

“The mother is a stay-at-home mom and she ends up becoming the one who takes the bull by the horns,” Fallon Hogan said. “And how far would you go for your kids? You find out in this movie … pretty far.”

The acting, the pacing, the score and the cinematography all contribute to strong execution by the “Rushed” cast and crew, who all share a sense of family off the set, as well. Not only is the ensemble packed intimately with people who have worked together for years, but some of the cast members are Fallon Hogan’s own family members, including her son and daughter, Peter Munson Hogan and Sinead Hogan. Hogan’s husband also helped co-produce the film.

“Independent films are important because they are the old, wild style of filmmaking, produced off a single vision,” Fallon Hogan said. “Lots of blockbuster movies can have too many cooks (in the kitchen) involved in (the) production, which can sometimes ruin what would otherwise be good movies. Independent films tend to have a smaller, more intimate staff working together towards a pure vision. ‘Rushed’ is a collaboration of people who know each other.”

“So far we’ve had good reviews, which is great,” Fallon Hogan said. “I’ve sat through two premieres, one with 600 people and another with 400 people, and you could hear a pin drop from start to finish.”

“Rushed” was released nationally Aug. 27 and is playing this week at The Riverwalk Theater in Edwards. You can also stream it on Amazon, Apple TV and Vudu.


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