Vail Symposium speaker Dr. Sue Morter explains the presence of quantum science in our lives |

Vail Symposium speaker Dr. Sue Morter explains the presence of quantum science in our lives

Kim Fuller
Special to the Daily
Dr. Sue Morter discussed how to best make your energy flow through your body to help live your best life.
Special to the Daily

It didn’t take long for Sue Morter’s to capture the attention of a large audience at her Vail Symposium presentation on Wednesday evening at the Four Seasons Resort Vail.

Everything is energy, she immediately explained to us. Our bodies are energy, along with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

“Everything in the universe is energy, including you, and your physical system is designed as an energy flow,” Morter said. “Our ability to manage that energy is something that we can learn to do consciously and intentionally.”

Through her seminars, retreats and presentations, Morter illuminates the relationships of quantum science and energy medicine, as well as the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery.

Basis of Reality

She said that patterns are the basis of our reality, impacting our perceptions, our vitality and even our health. Deepening and interacting with this awareness, she said, can truly impact our collective and personal evolution.

“What I’m interested in doing is teaching people how to work with the energy of their life in not just their conscious mind, but be able to tap the subconscious energy patterns that are moving your life in a repetitive kind of fashion or are springing themselves forward in a new fresh pattern of flow,” she said.

Her presentation in Vail was deeply researched, informative and engaging. It was a lot to think about, but as Morter explained, we are practiced in using our minds to think and survive, and less practiced at engaging with the essence of our energy. You can’t think your way to happy, successful, vital, connected — you must embody the energy of these experiences to make them a reality.

“So what we are doing is working with the subconscious because it is actually your subconscious mind that determines the level of healing, the level of success, the level of joy, the level of intimacy, that you have in your life. It’s not your conscious mind,” she said.

Morter calls her work The Energy Codes. Her new book will be released March 19, titled “The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life.”

‘Excess of energy’

When energy is flowing, she said, you are healing, and when energy is blocked, you are not.

“If you have low back pain, energy is blocked above your low back and it is backing up on it’s rise and that backing up creates an excess of energy that generates pain in your body,” Morter said. “And if that blockage is never relieved, then that pain becomes chronic.”

Drawing on a few tips she has put in her soon-to-be-released book, Morter guided the audience in an exercise to help create consciousness and flow in the body. She instructed the group to become aware of the space behind their eyes, create slight constriction in the throat and breath, squeeze the pelvic bowl muscles and hug the heart, all while focusing on a smooth and connected breath moving up and down the central channel of the body.

“Tonight when you’re falling asleep, tomorrow morning before your feet hit the floor — make it a practice just to do that and it will make a difference in how you are feeling a sense of self, how you are operating in the world and your cells will thank you,” she said.

Learn more about Morter’s work and “The Energy Codes” at http://www.drsue

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