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Elke and Brian Wells showcase artwork at the Gypsum Public Library

One of Elke Wells' dream-like cityscapes that is on-display at the Gypsum Public Library throughout May. The cutouts she include are from books of cities from her travels.
Courtesy Photo / Elke Wells

In one Gypsum household, three artists live under the same roof—and share the same last name. While artists Elke, Brian and Sophie Wells create their art in different rooms of their home, their work will be showcased together throughout the month of May.

Vail Valley Art Guild members Elke and Brain Wells — along with their daughter, Sophie — currently have their artwork on display at the Gypsum Public Library. The display showcases some of the artists’ recent favorites — including many acrylic pours and photographs by Brian Wells and several artworks of paint and paper by Elke Wells.

“We check in with each other,” Elke Wells said. “To get feedback and advice.”

Otherwise, Wells said she, Brian and Sophie — who has one piece in the exhibit — typically do their own thing when it comes to art. 

According to the Vail Valley Art Guild website, Elke Wells is known for experimenting with several new things in her art, dabbling in a bit of everything. “She likes to play with her paper and glue the most,” the site reads. 

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In her mixed-media pieces on display at the Gypsum Public Library, Elke Wells creates mixed-up cityscapes reminiscent of her past travels — but they’re not quite realistic. Wells said having several books of places she had been to when she was young inspired her to create the cityscapes. 

“I was like, ‘I’m just going to start cutting them up and making my own thing,'” Wells said. “So, all of those buildings have significance to me, but they’re all mish-mashed together.”

In his work in the show, Brian Wells has his signature acrylic pours, either on canvas or vinyl. In his photography, Brian Wells captures local beauty — much of which is on display at the show in the library.

Elke Wells said she and her husband are often inspired by the scenery around Gypsum. “Being down valley, we do a lot of four wheeling up on Spring Hill and Hardscrabble and stuff,” Wells said. “So, there’s all these amazing vistas where you can see down into the valley that you don’t normally get to see if you’re just in the valley.”

Wells said that every once in a while, there will be a vista that is so beautiful that they feel inspired to capture it — be it with a paintbrush and canvas or with a camera lens. 

“I feel like a lot of focus is sometimes up valley because of the ski resorts and everything, but I think down valley is equally as beautiful, but in a different way,” Wells said. 

Wells said she is excited to share that beauty and other artwork she and her family created with the community. Working at the Vail Valley Art Guild two days a week, she said she sees different opportunities for visual artists come through her desk often. One of the opportunities Wells saw was a library exhibit opening. 

“I was like, ‘Oh, that would be really cool because usually you can only show a couple of works if you’re exhibiting at the gallery for Second Friday,'” Wells said. “And so, I was like, ‘Well, we should do that.'”

The exhibition is Elke and Brian Wells’ first library art showcase, and it will be on display during normal library hours until May 31. 

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