Gypsum voters reelect mayor, Green, Baxter, Sato win seats |

Gypsum voters reelect mayor, Green, Baxter, Sato win seats

Steve Carver says resounding win shows voters are happy with town’s direction

Steve Carver earned a seventh term as Gypsum’s mayor Tuesday night.
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Gypsum Mayor Steve Carver cruised to reelection Tuesday night in the town’s first contested mayoral race since 1998.

Carver, who has held the position of Gypsum’s mayor for the past 24 years, defeated challenger Tina Medina 771 to 169 to earn his seventh term. Results are unofficial.

“I think the citizens of Gypsum have spoken,” Carver said. “It makes me feel real good that everybody is basically happy with everything that has been going on and the way we’re moving forward, and it tells me that they want to continue to keep moving like we have been.”

Medina, a local businesswoman, ran on a platform of change and promised to bring a new perspective to the mayoral seat.

In Tuesday’s Town Council vote, Scott Green, incumbent Bill Baxter and Marisa Sato won seats. Green totaled 588 votes, Baxter had 549 and Sato earned 434 to edge out incumbent Lori McCole with 425 votes. Newcomer David R. Fiore tallied 386 votes.

According to the town, approximately 860 registered Gypsum voters participated, including 85 absentee voters. Polls closed at 7 p.m. and results are now posted on the Town of Gypsum’s Facebook page and website.

Carver said that he sees the voting results as an affirmation of the direction that his administration has taken over the past two decades, and that he plans to continue pushing ahead with upcoming projects and policy priorities.

“We’re going to continue to move forward like we’ve been going, and follow through with everything that we’ve got in the works, and keep struggling and working hard to get more businesses and affordable housing in,“ he said.

This was Medina’s first time running for public office, and though she did not win, she plans to find other avenues to serve the Gypsum community in the future.

“Obviously I’m disappointed, but I want to congratulate Steve Carver on his win,” Medina said. “It was a good run, and I plan to still be involved with the town in some way, shape or form and still use my voice for the people.”

Medina said that she has taken a number of positive experiences and lessons from the campaign, and that she appreciates all the support that she received in the process.

“I think that just getting out there and talking to people and engaging with the community was a really beautiful thing, and I had a lot of support and a lot of positivity come my way,” Medina said. “I’m just really thankful for those people who had my back throughout this whole time, and I’m just proud of the community for coming out to vote.”

First-time candidate Scott Green garnered the most votes in the town council election with 588. Green previously served as president of the school board for eight years, and is the owner of Scott Green Excavating Inc. A lifelong Gypsum resident, Green has a long history of involvement in public service and nonprofits in the Gypsum area, and he sees the town council as another opportunity to serve his community.

“I’m proud of the way that Gypsum’s grown,” Green said. “I raised all my kids here, it’s a great place to raise families, and I want to see it keep moving in that direction.”

Incumbent Bill Baxter won a second term on the town council with 549 votes. Baxter was appointed to his first term in Nov. 2019 by a unanimous vote on the Town Council. Now the only incumbent on the council, Baxter said he is honored to be elected for another term and excited to work with the new group.

“I’m really pleased with the results, and I just look forward to continue serving our wonderful Gypsum citizens,” Baxter said. “Marisa was formerly on the board and Scott and I have known each other a long time. I’m just excited to be able to share ideas with them and to work together for the common good for our town.”

Marisa Sato beat incumbent Lori McCole for the third Town Council seat by only 9 votes. Sato said that the win was reminiscent of the election that unseated her from her first term on town council in 2020, and that it should serve as a reminder to the community that every vote counts.

“I had lost by less than seven, and between Lori McCole and myself it’s less than 10,” Sato said. “Every vote counts, and it’s important to be involved within your community.”

Sato now returns to the Town Council for a second term, and said that she was inspired by how many people ran this year and wanted to be involved in serving the town of Gypsum.

“I just really think it’s amazing that we had seven people want to run and be involved in their community, and that they were passionate to get out and meet people, door knock — it’s not easy to run. I just want to thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to vote, and our candidates for taking time and being compelled to be part of our community.”

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