Minturn Middle School celebrates 25 Years |

Minturn Middle School celebrates 25 Years

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Minturn Middle School, nestled in the scenic Maloit Park area south of town, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.Minturn Middle, which currently had around 175 students in grades six through eight, can boast of beautiful mountain views, small class sizes and a cutting-edge staff, educators says.Superintendent John Brendza says of its location, “Minturn Middle, I believe, has the most picturesque location of any school in the United States.”Brendza says the stable population of long-term residents contributes to the school’s success.Reason to celebrateThe school’s mission includes striving for excellence where all students are welcome, educators say.The goal is to create independent learners who have the tools and knowledge to positively contribute to society. The school promotes literate, aware and self-confident students. The school offers a rigorous curriculum and lessons are adjusted to meet student needs.The school’s mascot – the Patriot – has also been a source of pride for the school’s community and diverse population.Principal Toni Boush says that students are encouraged to take an active role in their education.”We encourage our students to become involved and to prepare themselves both academically and socially,” Boush says.The school also encourages parental input and questions.A large percentage of the kids who attend the school say they like the small numbers and individualized attention. The eighth grade class has only 57 students this year.Eighth grader McKenzie Stevens says that one of the unique aspects of Minturn Middle School is the variety of activities.”We get to snowshoe and hike and the views are beautiful,” she says.Her brother Jonathan agrees.”I like that we’re further away from town and that teachers help us on an individual basis,” he says.The school offers the same sports and activities as other middle schools do in the county.Trista Martinez plays volleyball and basketball for the school. Her favorite subject is math and she says she loves her teachers.”Our teachers are so understanding and nice,” she says. “We can talk to them about anything.”Proud parentsSome of the parents whose children attend Minturn Middle School actually drive longer than it would take to get to a school closer to home. Parents have said that the school is far away from the crowd – if you can call anything a “crowd” in this valley.Since the entire school has less than 200 kids, there are smaller classes and more individualized attention for students -and the view, says parent Sally Corcoran, is breathtaking, inside and outside.”The surroundings are peaceful and scenic,” Corcoran says. “The hallways are bright, cheerful, clean and decorated with student artwork.”Corcoran also says that she loves the energetic staff and that the students get to enjoy outdoor activities year-round.The school also boasts some highly respected, long-term Eagle County School District teachers. Mike Martinez, Ben Gallegos and Wendy Satsky have been at the school for over 20 years.But the school also gets some talented new blood, which brings a mixture of experience and new ideas to the school.If you’re a teacher and you like outdoor activities – this is the school to work at. The Gore Range Natural School of Science uses the school as a site for education, and many other groups head there for a little outdoor education. Hiking trails and tons of trees are literally right outside the back door.

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