Obituary: Mary Love |

Obituary: Mary Love

Mary Love
Mary Love
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– March 17, 2022

Mary Love, affectionately known as Molly, died peacefully at her home in Long Island, NY on March 17, 2022. She leaves behind two children and five grandchildren. When she was twenty-one, she taught herself to ski on a golf course on Long Island, and then she found every opportunity to hit the slopes. In the middle of a sudden rainstorm at Mad River Glen, she even wore a garbage bag just so she could keep skiing. Molly moved to Vail in 1991 and loved every minute she spent outdoors with her family and friends. She was a very proud member of the Vail Breakaways ice hockey team. The team’s trip to China always stood out as one of her most memorable experiences as was the time she faced off against her idol Martina Navratilova on the opposing team. Molly volunteered for Vail Guest Services for sixteen years with a perpetual big smile. Greeting guests at the base of the mountain to start the day and helping them get down a difficult slope at the end of the day made her very happy. As a coach for the mini mites ice hockey, Molly was eager to instill a love of the sport in the youngest community members. Molly enjoyed playing golf in the Vail Valley, attending music concerts, and hosting lots of dinner parties with her signature leg of lamb and potato raclette. Molly’s zest for life will always be remembered.

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