Vail Daily wins 14 awards in Colorado Press Association contest

The Colorado Press Association recognized Vail Daily staffers for work done in 2022 at Saturday's Better News Media Contest gala in Denver.
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The Vail Daily won 14 awards, including five first-place honors, in the Colorado Press Association’s annual Better News Media Contest on Saturday in Denver.

The 2022 statewide contest was judged by the New York Press Association and featured eight classes based on circulation size and publishing schedules. The Vail Daily competed in Class 2, the state’s second-largest category.

The Vail Daily won first-place awards for Best Advertising Special Section and Best Classified Page or Section. Vail Daily Art Director Amanda Swanson took home a first-place award for Best Page Design for Women Who Serve, which told the stories of four female veterans in Eagle County. Vail Daily Editor Nate Peterson also won a pair of first-place awards for Best Serious Column Writing and Best Sports Column Writing.  

On Saturday in Denver, the Vail Daily won the following:

First Place

  1. Best Advertising Special Section: EAT summer 2022. Wren Bova, Dominique Taylor, Carly Arnold, Mark Bricklin.
  2. Best Classified Page or Section: Vail Daily Classified Marketplace. Christine Schriock, Dennel Rivera.
  3. Best Serious Column Writing: Nate Peterson.           
  4. Best Sports Column Writing: Miracle on Folsom Street. Nate Peterson.
  5. Best Page Design: Women Who Serve. Amanda Swanson.  

Second Place  

  1. Best Business News/Feature Story: Women behind the wheel: The rise of female-owned and operated snow removal companies in Eagle County. Carolyn Paletta.
  2. Best Crime & Public Safety Reporting: Kelli Duncan reporting on sexual assault crimes. Kelli Duncan.
  3. Best Editorial Special Section: ART Weekly. Wren Bova, Mark Bricklin, Amanda Swanson.
  4. Best Environmental Story: Don’t call it a ‘drought’: Climate scientist Brad Udall views Colorado River crisis as the beginning of aridification. Sean Naylor.
  5. Best Politics Reporting: Soft money for hardball in Senate District 8 race. John LaConte.  
  6. Best Social Justice or Equity Reporting. Eagle County employees allege gender-based discrimination. Kelli Duncan.
  7. Best Informational Graphic: Opioid overdose. Amanda Swanson.
  8. Best Photography Portfolio: Chris Dillmann. 
  9. Best Sports Photograph: Neck and neck. Chris Dillmann.

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