Vail Valley Jet Center, Eagle County, partner to provide funding to aid electrification projects |

Vail Valley Jet Center, Eagle County, partner to provide funding to aid electrification projects

Buying ECO Credits will help fund electrification efforts at Miller Ranch

An ECO Credit program from the Vail Valley Jet Center will aid electrification projects in Edwards' Miller Ranch neighborhood.
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Vail Valley Jet Center, part of Signature Aviation’s worldwide network of private aviation terminals, and Eagle County recently partnered to provide funding to Energy Smart Colorado through Electrification Carbon Offset Credits.

With $63,000 in funding allocated from Eagle County’s Resiliency Department and Vail Valley Jet Center, Energy Smart Colorado is working with its local partner, Walking Mountains Science Center, to launch the voluntary carbon offset program. 

Energy Smart Colorado’s ECO Credits program is enabling local organizations to reduce their carbon footprint through the purchase of voluntary carbon offsets, which funds projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Each credit is valued at $100 per metric ton, and the recently purchased credits will be dedicated to local electrification projects.  

Eagle County purchases 100% clean electricity through Holy Cross Energy, but combustion of natural gas for heating public buildings and fossil fuels for transportation still produces around 5,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Eagle County’s contribution of $45,000 in 2022 and in 2023 will help launch the program, while offsetting the annual emissions from the airport terminal building.

“Signature Aviation is thrilled to be able to purchase 180 ECO Credits from Energy Smart Colorado and have carbon offsets lead to local families electrifying their homes, (in Edwards’ Miller Ranch neighborhood)” Vail Valley Jet Center President Paul Gordon said. “This project provided an innovative way to drive good environmental outcomes beyond our airport and into our local community.”

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John Gitchell, the climate action manager for Eagle County, noted that the Miller Ranch homes were built nearly 20 years ago. “With natural gas prices rising, replacing furnaces with heat pumps can help residents save money, improve safety, and reduce (greenhouse gas) emissions,” Gitchell said.   

Credit funding will pair with incentives and rebates available through Holy Cross Energy and Walking Mountains Science Center to bring the cost of installing a cold climate heat pump to less than the cost of replacing the gas furnace with a high-efficiency gas furnace. 

“We know that electrification upgrades can be expensive, sometimes requiring electrical panel and wiring upgrades,” Walking Mountains’ energy programs director Nikki Maline said. “We want to help offset these additional costs to help deed-restricted homeowners take steps to remove natural gas from their homes.”

The ECO Credit contribution from Eagle County Airport supports Eagle County’s strategic plan goal to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions in operations and in the community to achieve the Climate Action Plan goals of 25% reduction by 2025 and 50% reduction by 2030 (from a 2014 emissions baseline.) For more information, visit Eagle County – Sustainable Communities.

For more information about Energy Smart Colorado contact Kasey Provorse, 970-485-2367 or

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