Carnes: Futility of questioning willful ignorance |

Carnes: Futility of questioning willful ignorance

The older I become, the less I find myself bothering to question the thoughts and actions of those appearing to be beyond help.

I still question things, of course, like why someone who can barely afford rent would “invest” in cryptocurrency and why online sports betting is now advertised on TV more than pills for erectile dysfunction or which Front Range lawyer to call if ever in an accident.

But I no longer question how some can watch the videos from Jan. 6 at the Capitol and insist it was a peaceful protest, especially when the insisting comes from those actually in attendance.

Similar to Holocaust deniers, Sandy Hook deniers, moon landing deniers, vaccine deniers, climate change deniers, etc., these insurrection deniers were attempting to rewrite history last Saturday in D.C. as a handful of the insecure man-child supporters played dress-up pretending to be patriots showing support for those who were arrested for violently attacking the Capitol and trying to destabilize democracy.

I no longer question those few remaining at the altar of the insecure man-child when he put out a statement urging them to attend and forcing law enforcement to once again erect fencing around the Capitol. The “courage” shown by the GOP members willing to stand with them said it all.

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There were none.

And speaking of willfully ignorant far-right members, the Texas Teabilly Taliban (TTT, not to be confused with KKK, but then again …) has me no longer questioning how Texas women are magically becoming pregnant without the participation of Texas men, but it sure seems to have put the fun back in bounty hunting.

I no longer question those who repeatedly doubt election results, especially those living in the foreshadows who do so even before votes are actually counted.

As much of our nation appears to view all election workers, the military and even the Supreme Court, these dolts claim to be apolitical when a vote goes their way but turn partisan when it does not.

With California’s $300 million dollar recall blowout, one would think it might give pause to those forcing the town of Avon recall in a few weeks.

Time will tell, I suppose.

I also no longer question the thought processes ping-ponging around in the heads of those still stubbornly refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Sure, who can argue with such damning evidence as provided by the Trinidadian testicles of Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend?

And religious exemptions? OK, I’m down with that, but only if the deity of choice picks up the treatment tab at the secular hospital.

All of this leaves me to sadly accept the fact that we are simply learning to live with COVID and all of its variances (present and future) as an unfortunate part of everyday life and begrudgingly adjust to merely shrugging our collective shoulders when the latest family member — regardless of age — dies unnecessarily.

“Hey, it happens, what’re you gonna do?” will become our national excuse.

I know I no (English is indeed a weird language) longer question these things, but that does not mean I no longer care about the pointlessness of it all.

As the saying goes, “Stupidity is the inability to learn while ignorance is the conscious choice not to.”

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