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Letter: Fentanyl and the border

The Vail Daily has run articles recently on the deadly dangers of Fentanyl, in particular the recent column from Sheriff James van Beek who states that the two main sources of the deadly drug are China and Mexico.

So the question remains, why do we still have a porous southern border? Law enforcement agencies across the nation will tell you that a porous border allows for the easy trafficking of illegal drugs, including Fentanyl, which harms and kills Americans by the thousands, while our dear leaders in Washington D.C. are falling all over themselves to keep the southern border open while turning a blind eye to the damages an open border causes American citizens.

And it’s not just drugs coming in through the porous border that harms citizens, it’s the constant supply of cheap labor coming across the border that has kept wages stagnant for almost a decade. Why do you think corporations want an open border? Companies, large and small, love cheap labor, and if you have an almost endless supply of it, illegal or not, why would any company raise wages to attract workers when they know there is a long line of workers to fill the void? If you secure the border, you will limit the flow of the illegal and cheap labor that has been keeping wages stagnant. This is common sense that seems to be not so common with our elected officials, both local and federal.

The southern border is also a prime crossing for human trafficking, which is unbelievable that this can and does occur with regularity in our nation. This is one of the most hideous effects of an open border and an unsecured border allows for that type of evil to persist. And it is evil. Can you imagine your child never returning from a hike or a bike ride home from school? How about the children that are found on the border without any adults or parents? This is one of the most tragic parts of an open border that I can think of and I cannot imagine any parent allowing it to continue. Just because you may not have personally experienced it, human trafficking should concern us all, especially parents.

If we finally want to come to our senses as a nation and truly protect our citizens, we should secure the southern border immediately which will reduce the amount of deadly drugs coming into our nation, raise wages as you reduce the amount of labor coming across the border, reduce the hideous act of human trafficking, and make the United States a sovereign nation once again. I don’t know how you can argue with that, but I bet some will try.

Otherwise, to keep the border unsecured will only continue to harm our citizens in many ways that outweigh any possible good that comes from an open border. I am old enough to remember when we shut down our economy to stop the spread of COVID-19 because if it only saves one life it’s worth it, remember? So why don’t we try a 14-day pause to “flatten the curve” of people swarming across the border in an effort to save just one American life? If we can’t realize the many harms that an open border causes to American citizens, and more importantly, take steps to secure the border, then we will just continue on what appears to be a suicide mission as a nation. For anyone who wants to keep the border unsecured, what do you have against your fellow citizens that you can turn a blind eye to the personal and economic damage caused by such behavior?

Darren Brennan


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