Letter: No skiing for employees on Opening Day

Opening Day is a right of passage, a chance to be excited about the upcoming season, an opportunity to feel connected with other people.

If you live and work in a ski town, Opening Day is as important as the first day of school. You take pictures, you see your friends, you raise a glass to Ullr. You dream about the days to come. There is excitement in the air and good energy. It’s not about the guests yet, it’s about the people who live here.

This year Vail Resorts chose to restrict opening day for their employees and all the dependents. I’m not sure if they understood what they were taking away. They are taking away a sense of community, pride for where they live and work, as well as a chance to feel like a part of something.

These are the people who are the backbone of the resort. If you want your employees to show up the remainder of the season to help guests in various departments, smile at the guests who come visit, be excited to be here, it would be better not to start off on the wrong foot by not including them on Opening Day.

Nina Landes

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