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Letter: Prioritizing schools and kids, not partisan politics

If you want a seat at the table, you typically need to bring something of value. This has been standard practice in this valley for decades. Through the growth and growing pains, a massive priority of Eagle County Schools has always been to maintain high-quality education. The schools in this valley have consistently served as one of the leading centers of the community. Through our educational programs, athletic teams and parent and educator organizations, our schools have provided this valley with a source of pride.

I can proudly say I am a product of this community. In my 23 years of experience as a teacher, I can now look back at my developmental years in Eagle County and realize that this valley has something extraordinary about how we educate our kids.

After a 20-year hiatus from living in this valley, I found that ECSD is still truly invested in the futures of the children they serve. Part of that sincerity can be credited to the fact that this valley has always elected school board members who genuinely wish to see our schools succeed. The school board members have a vested interest in our schools because they have been products of this district or have sons or daughters who attend our schools. It is in this community’s best interest to seat people on the school board who want to continue making our schools a source of pride.

We are fortunate to have candidates like Juan Pena, who as a product of our schools understand the value of a diverse education for all our kids. We as electors need to do our due diligence and be sure that the seats on the school board are filled by people who prioritize our schools and kids, not partisan politics.

Danelle Rivera

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