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Letter: Renaming the Gore Range is a foolish idea

As an ardent opponent of renaming the Gore Range, I have to commend those members on the Vail Town Council who separated themselves from this very foolish idea proposed by a former Summit County commissioner.

The Gore Range name is an iconic generational name of more than 150 years that is known statewide and is entrenched in the lives of the residents who live in its shadow and recreate within.

Native Americans never had the Western concept of naming individual mountain ranges and certainly not of the mountains we know today as the Gore Range as the recently fabricated “Nuchu” name proposal suggests.

The Gore Range is part of the Western heritage of the Eagle, Summit county areas, and its name should not be erased nor its history altered at the expense of another with a fabricated name.

The complications of changing the longstanding Gore Range name that encompasses about 12 different jurisdictions would be enormous, costly and confusing. The renaming idea is foolish in thought, superficial in nature, impractical in its application and beneficial to no one. I am confident that the U.S. Board On Geographic Names which has the authority in these matters will do likewise based on their “Principles, Policies and Procedures” document which guides their decisions.

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And that decision will not be based on the frivolous notions in the news article that Lord St. George Gore was a “bad guy” and “not in our view an appropriate name” or of the Utes being “generous” and “doing snow dances in Vail’s first season” as justifications for renaming.

Joe Kramarsic


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