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Letter: The smart choice for school board

Please join me in Voting Smart x5 for Kelly Alter, Lelia Conlin, Michelle Stecher, Juan Peña, and Dan Reynolds for this fall’s Eagle County School District Board of Eduction election. These candidates are knowledgeable, caring, hard-working, and compassionate listeners. They will devote the time necessary to make a difference for teachers, staff, parents and students.

For the past 50 years I have cherished living in the Vail Valley. I have been personally involved in the school system — as a teacher and as the mother of four children (all graduates of Battle Mountain High School who went on to earn college degrees). I have also had four grandchildren attend our public schools. My son Michael and his wife, Amy, have both been teaching here throughout Eagle County for more than 20 years at Red Hill Elementary, Berry Creek Middle, Homestake Peak, and Meadow Mountain in EagleVail, and Red Sandstone in Vail. Their two children are currently in fourth and sixth grades at the Eagle County Charter Academy.

As many of you know, I was the longtime local newspaper education reporter/photographer — a dream job because of all the everlasting relationships with so many community members. Thousands of stories with photos gave me a tremendous connection with students, parents, teachers, and staff. I covered special teacher projects, student achievement, sports, and spotlighted the biographies of all school staff including lunch room cooks, janitors, bus drivers, secretaries and more miscellaneous educational helpers.

I personally feel the teachers and students benefited from in-person classes since the fall of 2020. Many Colorado school districts were not as fortunate. Although a tough year for educators and students, I am convinced that the excessive screen time of virtual classes was far more detrimental for all. If students need to wear masks to be in class, that is a small sacrifice compared to the detrimental affects of online “school.” The connections made in a school setting cannot ever be replaced with even the most inventive and creative digital lessons. I also commend the staff of our schools for maintaining a respectful and safe school community so valuable to our most precious resource, our children.

Marka Moser

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