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Letter: The wisdom of Gov. Lamm

Former Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm died July 29 and a memorial service will be held for him this week. Lamm served three terms as governor from 1975 to 1987. He proved to be controversial both in and out of public office.

As a member of the Colorado General Assembly, Lamm led an effort, and succeeded, in cutting off public funding for the 1976 Winter Olympics. As a result, Denver canceled the games which were subsequently awarded to Innsbruck, Austria.

Lamb was an advocate for limited, controlled growth. An early advocate of the environmental movement and a supporter of physician assisted suicide.

One of his more controversial moments occurred in 2003 at an immigration conference in Washington D.C. Following Victor Davis Hanson to the speaker’s lectern Lamm, gave a speech reminiscent of Paul Harvey’s “If I Were the Devil.” Both speeches were satirical and prescient. Harvey’s addressed the cultural decline in America and Lamm’s, titled “How to Destroy America” addressed the pitfalls of uncontrolled and illegal immigration.

Lamm’s seven ways to destroy America are:

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  1. Become a bilingual, bicultural country.
  2. Promote multiculturalism to sustain differences and reinforce cultural identity.
  3. Make the fastest growing demographic group the least educated.
  4. Get big business and foundations to invest in a grievance industry. Invest in victimology and ethnic identity.
  5. Develop dual citizenship and divided loyalties.
  6. Shut down criticism of all the above by labeling it “racist” and “xenophobic”.
  7. Make it impossible or undesirable to enforce immigration laws.

For those unfamiliar with satire, the points made in both Harvey’s and Lamm’s speeches were not that these are desirable policies to follow. Rather, they are benchmarks to observe how far we have progressed on the path towards our own destruction.

Jeff Miller


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