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Letter: Why fly the Pride flag?

I’ve lived in the valley for 22 years, as a professional, a community volunteer and a family man. Over the last week, I’ve noticed the LBGTQ pride flag flying in the middle of Avon. Why?

I understand that June is pride month, and I appreciate what that means for LBGTQ persons. But I am confused and a little disappointed that Avon (or Town Council) felt it necessary to represent a specific agenda/lifestyle/organization as a a means to signify a belief or support of one. What is the motive? Is Avon going to put up future flags for other local affiliations that are significant vocational beliefs of others as well?

The town does not speak for us all. Deciding to lift up a specific flag is a direct sign of representation or belief. It seems that a decision was made in an effort to show support, but it also seems biased and almost inauthentic, as if giving in to public perception and pressure.

Not a fan of this move. And before you judge, this isn’t about prejudice — this is simply commentary for a what I believe to be a questionable motive and decision.

Daniel Estrada

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