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Michael Norton

Michael is the Chief Revenue Officer at Eventus Solutions Group, and former President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation and Executive Vice President of Global Accounts for Sandler Training. Additionally Michael was the Founder and Chairman of the Board for www.CanDoGo.com.

Prior to this role, he held executive as well as regional positions with a heavy emphasis on sales, business development and strategic direction. He has worked with top performing companies including Deloitte and Touche, Nightingale Conant, Specialty Sports Vail, Siemens Medical Solutions, Dial Corporation, 7-Up Bottling Company, WebMD and many others. From 1998 through 2001, Michael served as founder and Chief Executive Officer of SalesRepsOnline.com, a web application designed and built for sales effectiveness and growth strategies. It was here that Michael leveraged his passion for the personal and professional development industry and first began working with Zig Ziglar as well as Tom Hopkins, Denis Waitley, Cal Ripken Jr., Tony Jeary, Peter Lowe and many other authors and motivational speakers.

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