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ECO Transit to sell ads on buses

VAIL, Colorado – With 31 buses in its fleet, ECO Transit has announced that it will sell ads on the outside and inside of its buses. A “significant” portion of the proceeds of the advertising dollars goes directly back to ECO Transit as an additional revenue source to support the transit program, the agency said.

“It is an opportunity to continue to provide a high level of service to our riders,” said Kelley Collier, ECO Transit director of transportation. “The cost to run our buses continues to escalate and advertising is a great way to fill the gap.”

Advertisers can purchase sections of the outside of a bus or the whole thing (called a “full wrap”), which is visible by locals and tourists. These wraps, which are common in many other communities, have high visibility. Also available are the inside panels seen by 750,000 riders per year.

Street Media Group, which received the ECO Transit advertising account, is headquartered in Fort Collins and is responsible for several other bus advertising programs, in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Pueblo. Local marketing company Anderson Marketing Communications will handle the sales for Eagle County.

Prices for the advertising panels on buses range from $30 for an inside panel and start at $100 for exterior panels for a four week period for each bus. There is also a cost for printing and installation. Special pricing is available for nonprofit organizations. For more information or to receive a media kit, contact Jill Anderson at or call 970-855-0199.