Attend a live-audience recording of the “Conversations in Dance” podcast |

Attend a live-audience recording of the “Conversations in Dance” podcast

As part of the Vail Dance Festival, the hosts of the popular “Conversations on Dance” podcast are recording nine episodes in front of a live audience at Manor Vail Lodge, featuring conversations with world-class dancers, directors, choreographers and musicians.

Calvin Royal III, the principal dancer of the American Ballet Theater and 2021 Artist-in-Residence at the Vail Dance Festival, records an interview for the “Conversations on Dance” podcast in front of a live audience on Saturday morning
Chris Kendig, Vail Valley Foundation

One of the unique off-stage experiences that the Vail Dance Festival offers is the opportunity to sit in on a live-audience recording of the popular “Conversations on Dance” podcast. The podcast, hosted by former Miami City Ballet dancers Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Sean Breeden, has published over 230 episodes and features in-depth conversations with people from all corners of the dance world.

Over the course of the Vail Dance Festival, the podcast will be recording nine full-length episodes in front of a live audience at the Manor Vail Lodge in Vail Village. Ferraro and Breeden will be interviewing a different dancer, musician, director or choreographer from the festival at each recording. The forums provide the opportunity to learn more about the talented individuals who make Vail Dance one of the preeminent festivals in the world, and the intimate setting allows attendees to make a personal connection and even ask their own questions.

The interviews are timed to align with the interviewee’s performance schedule. Three episodes have been taped so far, featuring Jonathan Stafford, the artistic director of New York City Ballet MOVES who performed on Saturday night; Calvin Royal III, the festival’s artist-in-residence who performed a solo show on Sunday night; and Christine Cox, the artistic and executive director of BalletX, the company that performed at the amphitheater on Monday and will be putting on a free performance in Avon this Wednesday.

Ferraro and Breeden have been hosting “Conversations in Dance” since 2016. They both previously attended the festival as dancers, and began doing live audience episode recordings in 2017.

“It was really fun to return,” Ferraro said. “The first year we did maybe three episodes, and we keep amping it up every year. It’s evolved into this wonderful passion project that keeps us involved in what we love.”

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For dance lovers and established fans, the forum provides the rare opportunity to meet and interact with their heroes face-to-face. For newcomers to the art, it is an accessible way to connect with the performers and develop a better understanding of the lifetime of work that goes behind the performances taking place on the amphitheater stage.

“If people are coming to the performances, maybe they listen to the episode when they’re driving there and they can get some of the context surrounding it, because I think that really enriches the audience’s experience,” Ferraro said.

Each live recording takes place from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the Manor Vail Lodge hotel in Vail Village. Shows will be taking place almost every day, and a full schedule can be accessed at Tickets to the event cost $25 per person, and can be purchased online at the same site.

All of the episodes are released on the “Conversations on Dance” podcast within a day or two of recording, and can be accessed for free anywhere you get your podcasts or at

If you go…

When: 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Where: Manor Vail Lodge

Tickets: $25

Full schedule and more information:

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