Chateau Beaver Creek provides a luxury spa experience |

Chateau Beaver Creek provides a luxury spa experience

A hot tub sits next to a shower
Chateau Beaver Creek even offers an impressive locker room, complete with a hot tub and the option to pour cold water on yourself, stimulating the senses.
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As is the case with many of the resorts and residences here in the Vail Valley, the Chateau Beaver Creek has many great amenities for its guests.

Outside of its well-recognized restaurant, Splendido, a spa is available for guests to utilize. Complete with a fitness center, pool, yoga studio and jacuzzi, there isn’t much left to be desired for those that own property at the resort.

Even the locker rooms in the spa are impressive. Hot tubs and a sauna await for guests, as well as the opportunity to douse themselves with a bucket of cold water for an extra jolt in the showers.

Of course, their spa offerings are noteworthy as well.

Included in the services are custom massages—treatments tailored specifically to the client’s current needs.

Several bottles of oil sit on a counter.

Massage oils and products are used to elevate the massage experience based on the client’s needs. Molly Gallagher, a therapist with the Chateau custom mixes all of her own oils.

“Living in an active mountain community, the common theme is tired and fatigued clients,” said Molly Gallagher, a contracted massage therapist with the Chateau. “Massage helps the client recover and get back in motion faster.”

Customized treatments will include a focus on stressed muscles and areas in pain, as well as stretches to increase range of motion and alleviate tension.

Gallagher also custom blends all of her massage oils, always having several options for the client to choose from. All of her mixtures use avocado as the carrier oil. The oils are designed to have different effects on the client, so Gallagher allows everyone to choose from oils for relaxing, invigorating or a deep breathing. One such oil is a blend of Lavender (which is great for muscle tension, inflammation, headaches and insomnia, and is also anti-spasmodic and antiseptic) and Rosemary (which helps with inflammation, pain and even memory).

Therapists like Gallagher can also throw in extra products such as an arnica rub, a painkiller that both warms and cools while increasing blood flow to areas of trauma and tension.

Hot stones are an additional option for massages at Chateau Beaver Creek. The stones help to increase blood flow.

Another common option available during the massages is hot stones.

“Using hot stones in a massage helps to increase blood flow, sedate the nervous system, increase flexibility, ease tension and promotes deep relaxation,” Gallagher said. “It’s great after a cold day of skiing.”

The spa and the services offered are complimented by a ski-in-ski-out lounge offering guests the opportunity to grab some food—oatmeal in the morning, snacks in the afternoon and a rotating soup of the day—and warm up by a fireplace.

Between the spa treatments, amenities and lounge, Chateau Beaver Creek makes for a great winter getaway, for both tourists and locals on the lookout for a staycation.

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