Here are 4 artists showing work at the Beaver Creek Art Festival this weekend |

Here are 4 artists showing work at the Beaver Creek Art Festival this weekend

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Britten Elizabeth works on one of her paintings.
Special to the Daily

As the Beaver Creek Arts Festival enters its 32nd year, here’s a look at four artists presenting and discussing their work.

Britten Elizabeth is a master of entering into the unknown, into the mystery of life and emerging with rich, layered, luminous paintings.

Because her art originates from a clear open space deep inside, her pieces encourage viewers to step into a more profound, insightful and emotional space within. Britten explores universal themes of connection, life, and creativity through her signature ethereal style.

This summer she focuses on translucency, revealing intrinsic light, lifting the veil and inviting the viewers to delve into different frequency levels.

“Genesis” by James Jensen.
Special to the Daily

 James Jensen evolved from painting classic old-world still-lifes to frenzied abstracts. He moves paint with a spurt of physical and emotional energy. Throughout his radical transformation as an artist, one constant remains: his adherence to the old masters’ traditions like the color palette and delicate details.

Timothy Lotton’s glasswork comes out of his personal background completing an apprenticeship as a kid. He is a third-generation glass artist.
Special to the Daily

Timothy Lotton mastered his art very young and the old fashioned way: through an apprenticeship as a third-generation glass artist. Lotton manipulates different colors of glass into what looks like flowers, leaves, and vines embedded withing the vases, bowls, and spheres.  The quality of his work shows in the shape’s design, the clarity of the glass and concentricity of the vessels. He will be presenting his new 6″ tall bronze and glass sculpture at the event.

Hamilton Aguiar’s work uses luminosity to create ethereal landscapes.
Special to the Daily

Hamilton Aguiar is a Brazilian-born artist who started as a graphic designer. Later he was inspired by nature and created his Solitude Series – single tree and winter landscapes, layered with glistening silver leaf and finished with resin. Then, he turned his attention toward portraying cool blue seascapes. By using brushed aluminum as a canvas, he adds to the luminosity of his work. His rich landscapes invite viewers to melt into the scenes, basking visually in color and resting within the exquisite environments. 

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