Howard Head Performance opens new center to focus on the individual |

Howard Head Performance opens new center to focus on the individual

Nate Day
The Safe Fit portion of the new center, where employees of Eagle county,, Vail Resorts and vail Health can recieve free preventative assesments.
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Howard Head Performance has opened a new center in Edwards. Located inside the WECMRD Field House of Edwards, the center will offer services for youth, adults and seniors, as well as a number of services free to employees of Eagle County, Vail Health and Vail Resorts.

With a focus on the individual, performance specialists will help each trainee focus on an individualized workout routine designed to help trainees get stronger, improve movement and continue to do what they love.

“It’s not just about getting stronger,” said Taylor Heppner, a performance specialist with Howard Head Performance. Instead, they focus on a “whole wellness” perspective.

The four pillars of Howard Head Performance are: mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery; meaning they focus on each of those throughout their individualized workout plans in order to help trainees go above and beyond just reaching their goal, be it to gain strength, recover from an injury or improve performance.

State-of-the-art equipment

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The facility uses state-of-the-art equipment much different than what’s seen in an average commercial gym. The high-end equipment is used to maximize success of a training session, as well as to individualize the workouts, taking fatigue and other factors into consideration.

Additionally, Howard Head Performance works with youth sports teams throughout the Vail Valley to improve not only the players’ performance, but also the coaches’.

“Because we’re separated from the team, we can provide a third party perspective,” Heppner said. “We can show you what you’re getting and what you aren’t getting so we can fill in those holes.”

When working with coaches, they’ll teach them how to properly warm up their players, what bad exercise habits to look out for and how to maintain strength and endurance in their players.

The center’s Safe Fit program provides free preventative physical therapy sessions for employees of Eagle County, Vail Health and Vail Resorts with the hopes of catching injuries before worker’s comp and leave are needed.

An unlimited monthly membership costs $299 with various options for senior training, and post-operation training for $40 per session.

For a complete list of pricing and training options, visit http://www.howard

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