Meet Your Musician: Phil Long

Get to know your Vail Valley musicians

Phil Long plays in the afternoons during the summer and winter at the Vail Chophouse.
Phil Long/Courtesy photo

Editor’s Note: The Vail Daily is showcasing area musicians in a series called “Meet Your Musician” so you can learn a bit more about the voices behind the tunes. If you’re a local musician and would like to be a part of this series, please email Tricia Swenson ( and Sean Naylor (

Q: What is your stage/band name?

A: Phil Long

Q: How would you describe your style of music?

A: Eclectic, request orientated 1960s-era through the present

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Q: What instrument(s) do you and your band members play?

A: I play piano, guitar and sing vocals.

Q: How long have you been performing in the valley?

A: 36 years.

Before coming up to Vail, Phil Long played with friends in Denver where he is from.
Phil Long/Courtesy photo

Q: Where in the valley have you performed?

A: Mostly the Red Lion and Vail Chophouse.

Q: What’s your dream venue (in the valley or otherwise)?

A: Both these spots have been dreamy to play …

Q: What other styles of music do you (and members of your group) listen to?

A: I’m kind of an 80s pop, melodic kind of guy for starters. I love lots of the new stuff out, too. Panic at the Disco, I’m a big Bieber fan, Zac Brown, Toby Keith, Train, Bublé … Sara Bareilles … Love the songwriters, James, David Wilcox, Kenny Loggins … I’ll stop there.

Q: How does the Vail Valley music scene compare to other places you’ve played?

A: All the areas I have played around the country are all so different. I have been a fan of so many players in this valley and learned my craft by watching them. All in all though, over the years, Vail has been the best cast of solo players I have seen. Other places like Hilton Head had great jazz and really impressive band players. What I did the first 20 years here is steal licks, lines and songs from everyone around me and hopefully as one of the old guys, the up-and-comers are doing the same back to us.

Q: What can the crowd expect from one of your performances?

A: They can for sure expect my best effort to create a fun, PG, sing-a-long and laugh at yourself and me atmosphere. I try to mix whatever musicianship and talent I have into a feeling that anyone can do this type of thing. Let’s have fun.

Long has fans from all over the world who come back year after year to hear him play and joke around with the crowd.
Phil Long/Courtesy photo

Q: Where can readers see a list of your upcoming shows?

A: My best format is Facebook: Phil.Long.31

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