Red, White and Brew: Pair Italian wines and raspberry beer with hectic, end-of-summer schedules |

Red, White and Brew: Pair Italian wines and raspberry beer with hectic, end-of-summer schedules

By Val Goranov
Special to the Daily

Summer is winding down and Labor Day is about a week away. Kids are back in school. Many of us are battling busy schedules. You can’t wait to get back home for dinner and enjoy your favorite beverage. In this column, we will again talk about products you probably haven’t had recently or maybe never before.

Red Wine

There are countless articles on the internet stating that people who drink red live easily to 90-plus years. While I can’t promise you that, I can say this pick could be your new favorite. Not easy to find in stores, Cannonau di Sardegna is a Grenache that comes from the beautiful island of Sardinia in Italy. Nuraghe Crabioni’s Cannonau is rich and deep in color, firm on the palate and has a long finish. No oak is used to protect the bright freshness of the fruit, yet its distinctive smoky-gamey-earthy-wild side remains present. It’s a perfect match for your meal but also great on its own. A bottle of it is only $16.99, which is an good price for a Cannonau. 

White Wine

Continuing with the Italian theme, Arneis takes the stage for Alpine Wine & Spirits’ white pick. Arneis is a grape from Northwestern Italy, most commonly found in Roero, northwest of Alba in Piedmont. Difficult to grow and hence its name – which translates as “little rascal.” But it produces quality wines – dry and full-bodied, with notes of ripe pear and apricots. Giacomo Grimaldi has done a great job balancing acidity, a creamy texture and a mineral-driven finish. This pick is a great addition to fun times with friends, and costs only $16.99.


Eddyline Brewery is located in Buena Vista, Colorado, and is known for its high-quality beers that come in 16 oz cans. I am a big fan of their lineup, but one brew sticks out – the Raspberry Wheat. They started it as a summer seasonal, but it quickly became a customer favorite. It’s now available year round. On the nose, a vibrant aroma of the Oregon raspberries they use, and on the palate, it’s slightly tart and refreshing. This month, it’s on sale too – so a 6 pack of 16 oz cans is only $9.99.

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