Revolve Ride creates cycling class convenience in Eagle |

Revolve Ride creates cycling class convenience in Eagle

Kim Fuller
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Revolve Ride founder and owner Emily Dornan said she decided to open a cycling studio in Eagle to bring together the cycling community in one place.
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Nothing says summer like riding a bike, and so much training to prepare and sustain your cycling skills can be done in a studio. Revolve Ride is a new cycling studio in Eagle opening today, with a class model that is designed to fit any schedule.

“Over the past eight years, I’ve realized that people who ride bikes, both indoor and outdoor, are some of my absolute favorite people,” said Emily Dornan, Revolve Ride founder and owner. “They are fun, they are excited about life and they have great attitudes about hard work.”

Dornan said she decided to open a cycling studio to bring all those great people together in one place.

“We are such a cycling-centric community, and we don’t have a dedicated cycling studio, that’s crazy,” she said. “So, I’m opening it for us.”

‘Convenient for the rider’

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Revolve Ride has a unique spin — the studio has partnered with Stages Indoor Cycling to offer an almost completely automated studio experience.

“We are shaking up the fitness industry and offering people what they are asking for — more autonomy, the best technology and data tracking all wrapped up in a truly inspirational experience,” Dornan said. “We believe that indoor cycling shouldn’t only happen when it’s convenient for the gym, or the teacher — it should always be convenient for the rider.”

Think the same flexibility as Peloton — a cycling class that is streamed live or on-demand through a screen on an exercise bike — but in a room with others inside the Revolve Ride studio.

“And, for those who love the competitive component of cycling, you can opt in for that at Revolve Ride, too,” Dornan said. “We can’t wait to see our students names showing up on the Stages leaderboards.”

Here’s how it works: first, create an account online at and purchase a ride or membership. Then, visit the book a ride page and find the class of your choice. Pick your bike and hit confirm. Lastly, you’ll receive a text message with a door code for the Revolve Ride studio 15 minutes prior to the start of class. The code will stop working 10 minutes after class has started.

Class types range from a 40-minute sprint to a classic 60-minute spin and a 90-minute endurance class.

“In my years running studio and gyms, I’ve found that they tend to only cater to the person who can come to a class at 6 a.m., 12 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.,” Dornan said. “We live in a hospitality-driven valley; very few people actually have a schedule that fits into that limited structure. Revolve Ride is an almost completely autonomous, virtual studio that offers classes starting at 4:30 a.m. for early birds and end at 10 p.m. for night owls.”

‘Train smart’

It’s true that convenience can be key when it comes to fitting in fitness. Dornan said Revolve Ride will offer an abundance of high-quality classes at a variety of times.

“There is absolutely a class that fits anyone’s schedule,” she said. “We also train smart at Revolve. Every class is based on true wattage and provides real time data tracking to show participants what intensity zone they are in. Our training will provide actual gains in strength and endurance, measurable over time. We also bump some great tunes.”

For membership options, everyone gets to start with a free week.

“If a person purchases our grand opening special, one year paid-in-full membership, it’s only $70 per month,” Dornan said. “We offer other options, such as monthly auto-pay for one year, seven months or four months memberships. And, we offer a 10 punch card and single class drop-ins.”

Revolve Ride is located at 700 Chambers Ave., Unit 2A, in Eagle. Learn more at, and come take a free demo ride on Saturday, June 1 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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