Step into illusionist Rick Thomas’ ‘Mansion of Dreams’ |

Step into illusionist Rick Thomas’ ‘Mansion of Dreams’

Master Illusionist Rick Thomas brings his signature ‘Mansion of Dreams’ show to the Vilar Performing Arts Center this Monday

Rick Thomas is recognized as one of the top magicians in the world, earning Magic’s highest recognition, “Illusionist of the World,” by the World Magic Awards.
Rick Thomas Productions/Courtesy Photo

Master Illusionist Rick Thomas is performing his original “Mansion of Dreams” show at the Vilar Performing Arts Center this Monday evening.

Thomas has been doing theatrical magic and illusions his entire life, and began his professional career at age 13. Over the past few decades, Thomas has created numerous award-winning shows, completing five world tours in over 50 countries and performing regularly on Broadway and in Las Vegas. His show in Las Vegas has run consecutively for 15 years, earning him the title of most successful show for families in the city.

Thomas has also received prestigious personal recognitions for his craft, including “Magician of the Year” by the Academy of Magical Arts and Magic’s highest recognition “Illusionist of the World” by the World Magic Awards.

“This is who I am,” Thomas said. “I’ve always believed that I am a magician, that I am an illusionist. It is in me.”

This week, he is traveling straight from Las Vegas to bring the artistry, comedy and illusion of his signature “Mansion of Dreams” show to Beaver Creek. “Mansion of Dreams” is an original creation that Thomas spent years designing, choreographing and crafting illusions for. The permanent show is installed at the Moon River Theater in Branson, Missouri, but he is able to take the show on the road and adapt it for different theater spaces around the country to share with a broader audience.

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Thomas performing the classic saw box magic trick.
Rick Thomas Productions/Courtesy Photo

Thomas says he brings all of the show’s elements with him to each location he performs at, and the only limitation as to what can or cannot be incorporated into the show is what sets and props can fit through the door.

“We bring the entire show with us, and we just make sure that no matter what you’re going to see the very best show that we can do in that theater,” Thomas said.

Nothing happens until you dream

“Mansion of Dreams” is designed as a tour through Thomas’ imaginary mansion, where each room features a different illusion or performance that Thomas has conjured up in his mind and then made into reality.

“The idea is to simply invite the audience into my mansion, my home, and as they do so I get the chance to escort the audience through the different rooms of the mansion and share with them the mysteries that are within the walls,” Thomas said.

As an illusionist, he does not specialize in any one style of magic, instead undertaking a diverse array of acts, each of which have taken him one to two years to attain mastery. Among the types of illusions that audience members will experience in the show are gravity-defying levitation acts, disappearing acts, body severing acts, illusions involving small animals such as birds, tricks involving large props such as a motorcycle – and possibly a full-size helicopter, if it fits into the theater – among many others.

Thomas performs gravity-defying illusions. Each act requires one to two years of practice to master.
Rick Thomas Productions/Courtesy Photo

“Every piece is very stylized, very different,” Thomas said. “This is not the kind of show where you see the same type of thing over and over again. Everything that I’ve created has a different feel, every effect has a different theme, and in its own way every piece is special.”

The theme of the show is “nothing happens until you dream,” and Thomas constantly emphasizes the importance and the power of dreams throughout the show in the hopes that he will inspire others to pursue their own.

“The overall concept is to help everyone to realize that we all have dreams, we all have wants, we all have desires, and everybody’s dream is important,” Thomas said. “Through watching my show and seeing magic presented and dreams becoming reality, it helps to inspire other individuals to do the same with their dreams.”

More than a magic show

While the illusions in “Mansion of Dreams” are some of the most advanced and technical in the world, the show is not exclusively focused on magic.

Dance is another integral part of the show. Thomas was once a competitive ballroom dancer, and his on-stage assistance and real-life spouse, Tara Thomas, is a professional dancer. With a supporting cast of talented artists, there are a number of high-level dance performances that take place throughout the performance.

Professional dance and elaborate costuming are integral elements of the show.
Rick Thomas Productions/Courtesy Photo

Thomas also incorporates comedy into the dialogue and experience of the show, keeping the mood light and accessible for children and adults alike.

“The audience feels like we’re all family,” Thomas said. “I’m not there to fool you, I’m not there to try and present in that fashion – I am there to have a great time and share a wonderful couple of hours with everyone in attendance.”

Tickets to the “Mansion of Dreams” are currently on sale at the Vilar Performing Arts Center website. For more information about Rick Thomas and the “Mansion of Dreams” show, visit


What: Rick Thomas’ “Mansion of Dreams”

When: Monday, March 7, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek

Price: Adult $45, Child $32, Family 4-Pack $128

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