A Week in the Life in the Vail Valley -Spring 2005

Steve Pope

Dear readers:

In the news business, it is often all too easy to focus on the difficult parts of our lives. Accidents, controversies, bank robberies and other crimes, along with often bad news across the state, nation and world. News by definition highlights what is uncommon, novel, rare. You don’t read stories about the millions of planes that take off and land safely every year. It’s that one in a million that makes the headlines.

But the far larger share of our everyday lives is pleasant, especially in the Vail Valley. For the most part, we’re proud of our children, enjoying our powder days and living healthy lives. There’s an awful lot going well for us here.

These thoughts provided the seed for this section ” A Week in the Life of the Vail Valley.

We thought it would be especially appropriate with this edition to cover one of our busiest weeks during the ski season. This is a bountiful time for residents, who are fortunate enough to live next to two top ski resorts in America. The photo history of all our contributing photographers tells a great story. I hope it reminds you, as it did me, of all of the blessings we enjoy.

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I extend a special thanks to all of the photographers who submitted work. There were a huge number of excellent pictures and the selection process to determine the winners was very difficult.

We appreciate your help in this project and wish you many great photographs in the future.

To all of the rest of you I extend my thanks for helping make this valley such a great place to live and to visit. Without all of you, this is just a pretty place. With all of you, it is a home where we can all grow and prosper.


Steve Pope,


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