Adam Stone connects the worlds of music, art and imagination |

Adam Stone connects the worlds of music, art and imagination

Jennifer Gersbach
Special to the Daily"Big Ass Savont" by Adam Stone

Art festivals abound in the summer, and artists continually move their masterpieces from state to state, where open-air galleries provide a place for enthusiasts and vacationers to casually inspect the hand-crafted creations. For the artists, and for Adam Stone in particular, creating art “is not only a means of expression, but survival itself.” It is a way of life, the dedicated painter said.

“I love my job. … it’s a good life, and I’ve been very lucky: I have more freedom than if I had a desk job; but, to be sure, it is not a life for everyone,” said Stone, admitting that driving across the country nearly every summer weekend to attend art festivals can be taxing and hard on both the family and the wallet. With nearly 30 years of experience, however, Stone is well on his way and his hard work is paying off.

Growing up in L.A., he was immersed in an ethnically diverse and culturally rich neighborhood that heightened his creative outlet. Both of his parents made a living selling their artwork, and at 17 he, too, began to dabble in abstract paintings and then started to sell them along the Venice Beach Boardwalk. A venture that proved worthwhile. It was there he developed his own unique style and with much experimentation a “pop” theme emerged. It was a style that he refined over the years into what is now his signature “look.”

It is a different look that vibrantly connects the paintbrush with the world of music. Jazz, blues, and rock are Adam Stone’s sources of inspiration, and he loves to create paintings where music comes to life. “I love music and people, and I love to create a feeling of movement in my artwork,” said Stone.

Today, his paintings have caught the eye of many musicians and he has even been commissioned by bands to make CD covers. He enjoys the commission work and painting real life figures, but what he likes best is developing what he calls his own wild breed of fictitious characters. “I love to create characters from my imagination and place them into scenes and turn them into fun and dramatic situations,” said Stone.

Like many artists, Stone has spent countless hours in a passion that sometimes pays off and sometimes doesn’t. “As an artist, the stakes are much different, you don’t have the security of a constant paycheck,” Stone said. “It is like a jigsaw puzzle that’s different every year.”

Recently, however, Stone has gotten more praise as an artist and is beginning to feel relaxed-confident that the puzzle will be completed without any missing pieces. His work has been hailed internationally in Europe and posters of the musical paintings have been sold all over the world. His work has also been on the sets of many popular television sets such as “Seinfeld,” and “The X-Files.”

Adam Stone is the featured artist at the 16th Annual Beaver Creek Arts Festival August 9 and10. Having attended once before, he is excited and only hopes that the weather will be nice. One of the harder aspects for artists is dealing with bad weather, where sometimes, if taken by surprise, the rain can destroy months of work within a matter of minutes. “There is no rhyme or reason in the art show business,” said Stone. He said that rain is a disaster for the festivals and that there are never any guarantees.

The Beaver Creek Arts Festival will include live entertainment and tasty foods from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily in the heart of the village. Admission is free.

For more information on Adam Stone and a preview of his artwork go to and for more information on the Festival call 970-845-9090.

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