Brodie is back: TikTok’s beloved adventuring pup returns to the Mountain Games

Cliff Brush Jr. holds 90-pound Brodie in one of their standard selfie poses.
Cliff Brush Jr./Courtesy photo

The Internet’s favorite goldendoodle is back in Vail.

Brodie, known on social media by his handle, @brodiethatdood, is a four-year-old, 90-pound goldendoodle notorious for his long coat, love of adventure, and easygoing personality. He boasts 12.6 million followers across four social media platforms, where he stars in videos alongside his owner, Cliff Brush Jr. Some of Brodie’s most exciting videos feature him sitting in a doggie backpack while Cliff cycles, riding behind Cliff on a jet ski, and hanging out of the window of Cliff’s car wearing doggie goggles.

Brodie has not always been so relaxed or adventurous. “He was scared of a lot of things when he was a little puppy, so I didn’t know how that would translate when he got older, or that he would be super chill like he is,” said Cliff. “Some of it is just luck, but a lot of it is the fact that we’ve built trust in our relationship.” The adventures Cliff and Brodie have together, from riding on a motorcycle to conquering Brodie’s fear of walking over a metal grate, rely upon that trust.

Cliff has been building trust with Brodie since before he was born. Brodie’s mom, Luna, is also Cliff’s dog, and Cliff delivered Brodie’s litter himself. As Brodie grew up, Cliff grew their bond by remaining reliable to Brodie under all circumstances. “Everything we do, whether it’s going in a helicopter, going on a jet ski, going on a boat, going on a motorcycle, going on a bicycle, I never let him down. I’ve never done anything to lose his trust. I think he respects that,” said Cliff.

Cliff clearly trusts Brodie just as much as Brodie trusts him. He refers to Brodie as “my best friend,” and creates Brodie-related content full-time, having quit his job as a financial analyst when Brodie’s online success became clear. Together, they travel the world partaking in and filming new experiences. “I really think Brodie has done more activities, [and been on more] adventures than any dog in the world,” said Cliff. He often finds inspiration for social media content in their everyday activities, or through watching videos people make and asking, “what if we implement a dog into this?” The only off-limits skills are those that might put Brodie in danger.

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Cliff and Brodie smile on a bike ride, Brodie riding in a backpack on Cliff’s back and wearing his famous doggie goggles.
Cliff Brush, Jr./Courtesy photo

Last year at the Mountain Games, Brodie, who at the time sported long blue braids, participated in the K9 SuperWall, an obstacle that tested how high dogs could jump. “I couldn’t believe it, Brodie actually cleared it,” Cliff said. He described what viewers saw when they watched Brodie’s jump last year, in-person and online in the video Cliff made of the event: “A ridiculous looking creature jumping over a canine wall.” They also walked around delighting crowds with Brodie’s unique look, giving hugs and taking selfies.

Since there is no K9 SuperWall this year, will Brodie be showcasing his athleticism in another event by jumping into the pool with DockDogs? “Everyone wants me to do the dock dive,” said Cliff. Unfortunately, Brodie will not be taking to the skies (and the water). “If he gets wet, he’ll just be a mop. So, no events planned right now. We’ll just be cheering them on,” Cliff said.

In his curated videos, Brodie comes across as relaxed, friendly, and up for anything. This is consistent with his calm attitude in person. “He is what he appears to be online,” Cliff said. “Brodie, on the internet, shows that he’s the most fun-loving, always happy-go-lucky, never has a bad day, just wants to love and be loved on. That’s what his videos are about and showcase and that’s what he is in real life.”

As Brodie’s celebrity status has grown, he has learned to greet his many fans with delight. “If we go into a crowded public area, Brodie’s going to be taking pictures for 40 minutes,” Cliff said. “He loves the attention, he loves affection. There’s no better personality for this than the one he has.”

This weekend at the GoPro Mountain Games, Brodie and Cliff can be found roaming around between events, hanging out at the Celsius tents, watching the DockDogs competitions, and on the CoLab stage on Saturday at 5:15 p.m., where they’ll talk about how to cultivate social media presence and brand.

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