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Bush gets rough reception in Park City

Allen BestVail, CO Colorado

PARK CITY, Utah – President George W. Bush visited Park City to help shake the pockets of donors at a Deer Valley function to bolster Republican campaigns. The Park Record has no report of how well the money-rustling went, but it does report that Bush was greeted, after a fashion, with crude signs and hand gestures.These hand gestures apparently werent friendly hand waves. Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds described them as classless and embarrassing.To ensure the presidents safety, 47 law officers were called out to help monitor the motorcade route. The cost to local taxpayers for overtime pay was $30,000.The county commissioners supported the expenditure, if not necessarily Bush. Frankly I dont care whether he lives or dies, said one commissioner, Sally Elliott. But dont let him die in Summit County.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – Wyoming Democrats are sending a high-school student from Jackson Hole to their national convention in Denver this summer. The student, Willie Neal, 18, fervently supports Barack Obama. He will be among three teenagers from Wyoming at the national convention. Neal is an eight-time state cross-country skiing champion in Wyoming and the son of two doctors. Democrats who gathered in Jackson Hole for their state convention also heard from a local resident, former Newsweek editor-in-chief Bill Broyles. It was, some delegates told Jackson Hole News&Guide, among the best speeches they had ever heard.Broyles spoke about war and energy, topics with which he has great familiarity. He worked in a refinery to put himself through college, and his father and grandfather worked in the Texas oil fields. In his speech, Broyles attacked the Republican Party for its failure to show initiative in the energy realm.He is now a screenwriter. His movies have included Apollo 13 and Castaway. But in his younger life, he was also a Marine in the Vietnam War. In his speech, he also attacked Republicans for their prosecution of the Iraq War.When you send men and women to war, you dont just ask them to risk their lives. You ask them to do what every fiber of their being and every value taught them tells them not to do: You ask them to kill, he told the crowd. There better be a good reason. Your countrys survival better be at stake. Because if its not, if you abuse their patriotism and their sacrifice, then you create a hole in their souls, and a hole in the soul of America.Broyles said his forefathers served in World Wars I and II and his son has now served three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

BANFF, Alberta – Banff is trying to position itself in the emerging market for reduction of greenhouse gases. If all goes as projected, the town will be able to earn $550,000 from sale of carbon offsets as the result of methane reduction in its local sewage treatment plant.In 2002 the community upgraded the treatment plant. The improved plan has composting tunnels that, with the aid of wood chips and a longer processing time, yields 2,500 tons of biosolids. The sewage has been augmented recently by food waste from local restaurants.This new process significantly reduces the emissions of methane, which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide in retaining heat in the atmosphere. In the old process, the sludge would have been deposited in the landfill, and there decomposed, emitting the methane.Banff, reports the Rocky Mountain Outlook, plans to use the money, if it can get it, for additional projects that reduce greenhouse gases.The money for carbon offsets so far comes from voluntary programs, such as when organizations decide to offset their festivals, for example. Such was the case in Telluride recently when organizers of Mountainfilm paid a hydroelectric power producer in nearby Ouray.The city of Aspen similarly is paying for work at a coal mine in east-central Utah. There, methane is being trapped and, after purification, put in natural gas pipelines for uses such as heating homes.In Alberta, Calgary-based Blue Source Canada has been set up to help conduct carbon offset transactions. So far, there have been seven such transactions. Edmonton has a landfill gas capture project, plus there have been two wind projects, one biomass energy project, and three transactions resulting from reduced tilling of farms. Reduced or no-till farming means more carbon remains sequestered in the soil.

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