Buying or Selling in Bachelor Gulch or Arrowhead? Be in the know |

Buying or Selling in Bachelor Gulch or Arrowhead? Be in the know

Kathy and Matt Iverson The Iverson Team brings over 45 years of combined experience and success to work for you. Concentrating their efforts in high-end residential properties throughout the Vail Valley, The Iverson Team has established an impressive resume of listing and selling luxury real estate. Their clients and colleagues recognize them as the “Team who can get it done.” Their combined experience and knowledge of the Vail Valley market, and their hard work and customer service has resulted in numerous record-breaking achievements, recognized even on a national and international scale. Celebrities, renowned public figures, Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes and countless others have used the services of the Iverson Team to assist them in finding their dream home here in the Vail Valley. Their philosophy is a to carefully evaluate each client's dreams and desires and tireless work to match them with a property. Coupled with Slifer Smith and Frampton Real Estate, the Vail Valley’s first and most successful real estate company, your property will always be in good hands.

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Written By Lauren Glendenning
Brought to you by The Iverson Team at Slifer, Smith & Frampton Real Estate

Real estate in Eagle County is extremely diverse, which is why it’s important to hire brokers who not only understand the various markets but also listen to your needs as a buyer or seller.

“Knowledge is key. Why would any buyer or seller want to invest the amount of money in an asset and not work with a very seasoned and experienced broker?” said Matt Iverson, of The Iverson Team at Slifer, Smith & Frampton Real Estate. “It seems like a lot of money and risk to not have a broker helping you make the best possible decision.”

In order to make a good decision, anyone about to embark on a real estate transaction needs to find a broker that listens. Kathy Iverson, the other half of The Iverson Team, said many buyers think they want one thing, but what they’re actually describing is something else.

In Arrowhead and Bachelor Gulch, two of the Vail Valley’s highly sought-after luxury communities, what might look similar on the outside has much nuance on the inside. Buyers interested in these communities might find that one meets their needs better than the other.

“A good broker knows how to stop talking and listen to what is actually being said,” Matt Iverson said. “Then starts the process of educating the buyer — an educated buyer is a smart and successful buyer, and usually a client for life if the broker takes the time to set their clients up for long-term success in this market.

Here are five things that will keep you in the know when buying or selling luxury real estate in Arrowhead or Bachelor Gulch.

The market
Inventory in Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead are at all-time lows, which has begun to drive up pricing in both neighborhoods — more so in Bachelor Gulch. The Iverson Team is seeing an increase in properties selling within months, and in some cases even weeks, of being listed. However, many properties do remain on the market for 200 to 300 days if not priced correctly.
There are values to be had in these communities, especially in Arrowhead, but it takes a knowledgeable broker to find those values given current market conditions, Matt Iverson said.

With such great amenities in both Arrowhead and Bachelor Gulch, The Iverson Team said there’s no right or wrong answer for buyers — it all just comes down to specific needs.

“Buyers in Bachelor Gulch typically are looking for more privacy and on-mountain living — almost every home and condo in Bachelor Gulch is basically on a ski run, or offers very easy ski-in/out access,” Kathy Iverson said. “In contrast, Arrowhead offers a ski mountain in your backyard and a golf course in your front yard, as well as private fishing access on the Eagle River and a basically flat neighborhood, meaning it’s very walkable and has easy access to many of the amenities in the neighborhood without having to get in a car.”

Free ski shuttles in both communities provide easy access to and from the mountains, and Bachelor Gulch homeowners also enjoy some of the community amenities at the Ritz Carlton.

Arrowhead Village and Bachelor Gulch Village are connected to Beaver Creek by ski trail in the winter, and hiking and biking trails in the summer. Kathy Iverson said she’ll often hear that people never realized they could access Arrowhead from Beaver Creek while skiing, which does add to its appeal as a locals’ or neighborhood ski area.
Some buyers are also surprised to learn that Bachelor Gulch is such a vibrant neighborhood, Kathy Iverson said. Thanks to dial-a-ride and the amenities at the Ritz Carlton, Bachelor Gulch offers both privacy and easy access to nearby luxuries.

And despite myths that nobody’s home, The Iverson Team said both neighborhoods’ primary residents make up about 15 to 20 percent of the community. And in the summertime, more than 50 percent of the homeowners in Arrowhead and Bachelor Gulch use their residences throughout the entire summer.

The real estate
Single-family homes in Bachelor Gulch and in Beaver Creek seem to be flying off the market faster than condos and townhomes, with large homes being particularly hot right now, according to The Iverson Team. There’s also a trend that’s moving toward newer construction or remodeled homes.

“Lighter and brighter seem to be hot terms when people are looking at homes,” Kathy Iverson said.

Luxury properties range from deluxe single-family homes, opulent penthouses, stunning townhomes and everything in between.

A broker who can work both sides of a deal
While selecting the right broker is extremely important for any prospective buyer, it’s also essential for sellers. In these luxury markets, sellers should look for brokers who are actively showing homes to prospective buyers, as well, Matt Iverson said.

“Why wouldn’t a seller want to have a broker list who also has a high chance of bringing a buyer in as well,” he said. “Your broker should be working both sides of the deal which only increases a seller’s chance of selling quickly and at the best price possible. It’s not enough anymore to just work with a broker who simply puts the property in the MLS and waits for another broker to bring a buyer.”

The Iverson Team brings over 45 years of combined experience and success to work for you.

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