Capturing life in black and white |

Capturing life in black and white

Daily Staff Report
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily/Mark Cavett

Name: Mark Cavett

Medium: Photography

How long have you lived in the valley: On and off for about 7 years

Date and time of show: Through the end of September

Location of Show: Loaded Joe’s, Avon

Artist reception: Friday, 6 to 8 p.m.

Mark Cavett: I guess I’ve always found photography to be an interesting way to interact with things. Whether in an urban environment or nature, it sort of allows one to roam around, soak things in, then express those thoughts that are otherwise pretty tough to explain.

MC: I’d say it was sometime after I was told that what I was up to was actually considered art.

MC: For some strange reason I tend to get a lot of inspiration from authors, but also films, paintings, street art, music, friends, old photography books … lots of places.

MC: I think it was most likely that sort of elusive interaction that drew me to it. Where you’re really a part of everything ” observing intently, yet fully disconnected. But probably more so being that I couldn’t paint to save my life.

MC: Well my technique is pretty old timey, being that I use old cameras and black and white film. So I guess it’s a bit traditional, but I’m always trying to switch things up a bit.

MC: I’d say Tom Waits. There’s a ton of reasons, but while I’ve got one, I’d have to say ’cause he keeps that old-timey, boxcar America alive.

MC: Yeah, it’s a beautiful desert oil painting I bought for nearly nothing in Northern Argentina. I’m now reminded that the thing happens to be hanging in my brother’s house in his Bowflex room … yeah, he’s got a Bowflex.

MC: It can be found through my Web site,

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