Children spark treehouse blaze while playing Tuesday |

Children spark treehouse blaze while playing Tuesday

Two juveniles playing with a lighter sparked this treehouse blaze in Gypsum. The Gypsum Fire Department quickly contained and extinguished the fire.
Gypsum Fire Department |

GYPSUM — Because heat and flames rise, two kids found themselves in a really bad spot Tuesday when their treehouse caught fire.

The two juveniles sparked the fire when they were playing with a lighter, said Justin Kirkland, Gypsum fire chief.

Fire fighters were called at around 5:20 p.m. on Tuesday when smoke was reported on Rangeview Drive in Gypsum.

Crews arrived moments later to find a treehouse completely engulfed in flames. The smoke could be seen all the way to Eagle.

Quick Response

Because the large, well-built tree house was close to other houses and sheds, the four Gypsum firefighters who initially responded moved quickly to knock it down and kept it from spreading.

“It was fortunate that we had volunteers at the station today. That’s not always the case, but it definitely made a difference today,” Kirkland said.

Gypsum Fire Protection District was assisted in this incident by Vail Public Safety Communications Center, Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, Eagle County Paramedic Services and the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

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