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Coming through

Jon Jon Asper

During the past six years the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District has had a unique opportunity working with Big Steve’s Towing.

Steve Carver has donated countless vehicles, ranging from compact sedans to large vans and everything in between, in the name of firefighter training and community safety.

These vehicles have been used to train firefighters the finer points of complicated extrication procedures.

Local EMTs have trained on patient care and triage. These vehicles have also been seen at the Eagle firehouse during driver’s education classes.

New drivers are taught what to do after an accident and given the experience of being cut out of a wrecked vehicle under controlled circumstances.

Six EMT classes, 20 firefighter extrication classes, and six years worth of driver’s education classes have benefited from Big Steve’s Towing’s countless donations.

The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District would like to express a heartfelt and grateful thank you to Steve Carver for his continued support to the firefighters and the citizens of the communities of Eagle and Gypsum. Thank you, Steve and Denise.

Jon Jon Asper

Chief, board administrator

Greater Eagle

Fire Protection District

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