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Avon Police Department to honor current and retiring officers

The department will promote a sergeant and honor a retiring master officer on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Oct. 26, the Avon Police Department will honor two of its members, one current and one retired.
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The Avon Police Department will be promoting one of its sergeants and honoring a master police officer in his retirement at Tuesday’s Avon Town Council meeting. Chief of Police Greg Daly will also present chiefs community partnership awards to those that supported the department’s National Night Out activities in August.

The presentations by the police department will include a proclamation honoring Master Police Officer Michael Lundblade, who has served the Avon Police Department since Jan. 5, 1999, and recently retired. The proclamation, once signed, would declare Oct. 26, 2021, as “Master Police Officer Michael Lundblade day.”

The proclamation states that during his 22 years of service, Lundblade upheld and never broke the oath he took. It also states that his “unyielding commitment to support the work of the Avon Police Department with kindness, compassion, and positive attitude; and willingness to address challenges while promoting esprit de corps and camaraderie has gained him the greatest admiration with his co-workers.”

In particular, Daly said, Lundblade was known for his unique sense of humor, “no matter how bad a situation is.”

“I know there are going to be a number of community members who are going to miss that particular Mike Lundblade sense of humor,” Daly said.

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Lundblade is one of two master officers to retire in the last two years, which, according to Daly, prompted one of the evening’s other celebrations — the acknowledgement and recognition of Sgt. Ken Dammen. For a while, the department has had the title of master officer for those that serve over 20 years, Daly said, but Lundblade’s retirement made him also want to acknowledge the sergeants who have also dedicated numerous years to the Avon Police Department.

“I just thought it would be a nice acknowledgment to [Dammen] for his depth, breadth and mastery of the police profession,” Daly said.

During the meeting, Dammen will be promoted to master sergeant — something that requires an Avon Police Department member to complete 20 years of law enforcement service, serving as a sergeant for at least 10 of those years.

Daly said this is more of a “ceremonial rank” that will “identify and acknowledge his experience and what he, on the day-to-day, contributes to our organization.”

Dammen has been in law enforcement for 29 years, starting his career at Mesa Police Department, where he served for nearly 18 years before joining the Avon Police Department in 2009. While in Mesa, he spent 12 of those years as a full-time SWAT operator where, Daly said, he received an “extensive amount of real-world, tactical and drug interdiction experience.”

Dammen has served as a sergeant for the Avon department since August 2010 and also serves as the director of its Reserve Police Academy. Dammen is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

During his time at the Avon Police Department, Dammen has served as a valuable instructor, Daly said.

“He’s our top firearms instructor, and between that and the tactical instructing, he has brought so many safety lessons to our police officers and police officers throughout Eagle County,” Daly said. “A lot of what we do from a tactical deployment perspective is, how do we end a situation safely for everyone involved? And a lot of the skills that Sgt. Dammen conveys to officers is to try and resolve situations safely and without having to use force or a minimum amount of force.”

The evening’s presentations will also include an expression of gratitude — in the form of “chiefs community partnership awards” — to community members, organizations and businesses that supported the department’s National Night Out festivities in August.

“We were really impressed, especially this year,” Daly said of the support the department received, adding that the event is “an opportunity for law enforcement and our community that we serve to come together on a night and put our hair down collectively and have a bit of fun.”

Avon Police Department’s priority of serving as a community police force is made possible through the service of both Dammen and Lundblade and its other long-serving officers, Daly said.

“Being a part of the fabric of the community” helps officers and all ranks to serve and represent the community well, he said.

The Tuesday, Oct. 26, Town Council meeting will be held virtually via Zoom, because Voter Services Center will be taking control of the Avon Council Chambers. Hybrid meetings will resume on Tuesday, Nov. 9. The police department’s presentations are scheduled to begin at 5:05 p.m. on Oct. 26.

To register for the meeting, visit Avon.org. To join via phone, call 346-248-7799 and use Webinar ID: 859 7176 3922.

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