Dad: Count on him to tell it like it is |

Dad: Count on him to tell it like it is

Last month, as Courtney Davis prepared to take her final exams at the University of Colorado in Boulder, she called home a lot. Sometimes her mom answered the phone, she said, but eventually shed end up talking to her dad.Especially when Im stressed out and really emotional, when mom doesnt want to deal with me anymore, then she hands the phone over, Davis, 20, said.Its those times when her father excels, she said.

He tells me to calm down, to hang in there and just get through that day, or week, whatever it is.Its good advice, and oft-times helps to calm Davis down. What other kind of advice does Davis father dish out?Two subjects that she generally doesnt actually request counsel for driving and golfing.I get lots of advice on driving thats not asked for. Its big for dads to give driving advice I think; my mom never does that. I thought it would end when I was 16, but its never-ending, she said, laughing. And golf advice too. We golf together and hell say Courtney, do you know why you hit that ball badly?

Thats the beauty of fathers. You get the sought after advice along with the not-so-requested admonitions. You get the dont forget to check the oil quip as you pull out of the driveway, rolling your eyes, along with the more philosophical nudges, like sometimes you have to move on, to move up and no matter where you go, there you are, meaning no matter what happens, we all ultimately have to face up to our shortcomings.For T.J. Grant, 21, his fathers best pearl of wisdom was delivered on graduation day at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He told me you can only accomplish what you believe you can accomplish, Grant said.That was a motto his father, Robert, not only preaches, but has followed in his own life, Grant said.My parents were really young when they had me, 20 and 21, but they both graduated top of their college class, Grant said.See that building over there? Grant asked, gesturing to the new Westin development in Avon. My dads building that, hes the head contractor on the job.

Even though Rudy Ybarras dad works a lot, hes still found time to pass along good pieces of advice.Hes always told me no matter how beautiful a rose is, it always has a thorn. It basically means theres always a good and bad side to anything, Ybarra, 16, said.Sunday will be the first fathers day that Jon Prigges does more than just thank his father for well, life, among other things. His baby daughter, Tatum, is just over two months old. Its weird that Im eligible to be celebrated on Fathers Day now, he said.When asked if theres a piece of advice his father gives him thatll hell be likely to pass down, he hesitated for only a moment.He always said to treat people well, you never know when youll cross paths with them again in the future. Some person that you think might not be a good deal, might come back into your life.Caramie Schnell can be reached at 748-2984 or

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