Denson fires up the heat for State Bridge show |

Denson fires up the heat for State Bridge show

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One’s musical experience in the High Country can be neatly summarized in one session of mental note-taking: how many times have you seen Karl Denson, and in how many different venues?On occasion, the San Diego-based sax man feels like a permanent fixture in Colorado performance circles, appearing with more regularity than nearly any other name-brand musician on the circuit. But as Denson returns for a one-of-a-kind engagement this Sunday, July 10, at State Bridge Lodge, the musician admits it’s those ever-faithful Colorado crowds that have kept him on his feet over the years.”Colorado has saved my life, many times,” Denson says. “It’s always one of those places where we’re allowed to experiment, musically and that’s produced some ups and downs of its own. But we definitely feel some loyalty there. And it’s always great when we play, it doesn’t matter if the place is either packed out or not, people still always respond so well to us.”2004 has seen Denson’s musical experience come full circle as he and the members of his groundbreaking acid jazz/boogaloo ensemble the Greyboy All Stars decided to put aside differences and launch a successful series of reunion dates, including several swings through Colorado. Denson, whose solo career has seen he and his band, Tiny Universe, achieve widespread success on his own terms, said he appreciated the opportunity to team with former bandmates such as Robert Walter and Zak Najor and get back into the Greyboy groove.”We’d thought about doing some writing and work together as the Greyboys again but nothing’s happened yet,” he says. “Actually, our appearance this week at (West Virginia’s) All Good Festival will probably be the last show we do together for a while. I really want to be able to get some new material together before we start making any short-term plans for dates and really think about the reunited group’s long-term plans. But it certainly feels good. I have a lot of fun playing with those guys.”Denson says he’s preparing to get to work on a new solo album, one he hopes will bring some of the success he enjoyed with 2002’s “The Bridge.” The album spawned Denson’s first legitimate radio hit, “Because of Her Beauty,” a favorite at left-of-center stations such as KZYR and Boulder’s KBCO.Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe performs at 9 p.m. on Sunday, July 11 at State Bridge Lodge. Tickets are $25; tickets and venue and lodging information is available at 653-4444. VT By Andy Stonehouse

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