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Disco dancing at the Vilar Center

Caramie Schnell
Bjorn Again

Have you heard? It’s hip to be old. Bjorn Again, a cover band that’s supposedly more ABBA than ABBA, is stopping through town on Dec. 27 at the Vilar Center, right after Santa graces the valley with a visit. And on Dec. 28, more sounds from the disco era will be heard with 8-Track: The Sounds of the ’70’s.

Lisa DeAngelo, a part-time Dallas, part-time Eagle-Vail resident, said that the music makes her feel young.

“I remember Garfinkel’s when they were still having ’70s night and everyone would dress up with afros and polyester. I didn’t like the polyester even back then, the clothes were bad, the music was great.”

I even started humming “Dancing Queen” when I heard the news, which brought back a night from a few years back.

It was my junior year in college. I was visiting the mountains and had brought two of my best guy friends with me. After a couple of hours of drinking games and a couple of six-packs, we discovered we were, surprise, surprise, too inebriated to drive ourselves into Vail to partake in the bar scene.

Mom to the rescue.

Graciously, she agreed to drive our trio into town. Everything was fine until a few minutes into the journey, she decided the trip needed a soundtrack. She cranked ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” and didn’t hesitate to sing (rather tunelessly) along. I was slightly embarrassed, despite my drunken state, until I noticed there was more than just her voice belting out, “she was only 17, dancing queen.”

Grins on their faces, the boys were singing along.

Jane Martin, a Edwards resident, has passed some of her love for oldies tunes along to her granddaughter.

“She just loves ABBA – ‘Dancing Queen’ especially, that’s the one,” Martin said, “I even bought her the video.”

Martin herself remembers many live concerts – “I’ve seen Santana and Chicago in concert. It was a long time ago.”

Even though it’s hard for Whitney Granata, an Eagle-Vail resident, to keep who sang what, straight, along with the decade it falls into, she loves hearing the old songs.

“I love The Commodores,” she said. “I’ve seen The Who and Yes in concert.”

And as far as ABBA is concerned, DeAngelo is a forever fan.

“We used to pull back all the furniture in the den and dance to ABBA.”

Well, it might be hard to clear out the seats in the Vilar Center even for a tribute group that’s been around longer than the original band itself was, but there’s always the aisles.

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