Dog safe after 3 days stuck in pipe |

Dog safe after 3 days stuck in pipe

Scott N. Miller
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EDWARDS – Colleen Everett had given up.Everett’s dog, Trix, had bolted nearly three days before, after being let off her leash at a dog park in the lower part of Edwards’ Homestead neighborhood, following its nose to parts unknown. Everett had spent most of the first night and much of the day after looking, in vain, for Trix. While she was looking, she’d spotted a small pack of coyotes near Berry Creek Middle School.The second day Trix was missing, Everett had run into Zak Stone, a neighbor and fellow dog-walkers.”She told me about it and I said, ‘I hope she’s OK,'” Stone said.

But hope is hard to come by for small dog in a neighborhood frequented by coyotes.The good news is that Trix was safe from coyotes. The bad news is she’d followed something into drain pipe only 6 inches wide and gotten herself thoroughly stuck.The morning after Stone had heard Trix was missing, he was going through his morning routine, letting his own dog out for a few moments while loading his kids in the car.Stone’s dog, being a dog, zipped across the street to play with another couple of dogs. When Stone followed to bring the dog back, the neighbors told him they’d been hearing a dog whimpering. They suspected the noise was coming out of a drainage pipe that runs under the street.”I told them to call animal control, because I had to get going,” Stone said. But a kid’s bathroom break opened up a few moments, and Stone grabbed a flashlight, went to the pipe and took a look.

There, at about the end of his arm’s reach, was the back end of a beagle. After moving a few rocks, then getting both arms into the pipe, Stone managed to slide Trix out of the pipe.”It had snowed five inches while she was stuck there, which was a good thing,” Stone said. “She got water through the pipe. For being stuck that long, she was in pretty good shape.”Stone found Trix shortly before 8 a.m. With his toddler daughter under one arm and Trix under the other, he went to Everett’s house.”She started screaming, ‘Oh my God, you’ve found her! I love you!'” Stone said. Several days later, Everett still marvels at her, and her dog’s, good fortune.

“Zak went out of his way to help,” she said. “It’s great.”Staff Writer Scott N. Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14624, or Daily, Vail Colorado

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