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Dumb and Dumber revisited, visiting Aspen

John Colsonjcolson@aspentimes.com Aspen, CO Colorado
John Colson/The Aspen TimesEthan Lindstrom and Walter Passi, both 18, left their homes in Highland, Utah at about 3 a.m. Monday to drive to Aspen, inspired by their favorite movie "Dumb and Dumber."

ASPEN, Colorado Two young men from Utah came to Aspen this week hoping to experience as much of they could of the plot from their favorite movie, Dumb & Dumber.Weve seen it like million times, said Ethan Lindstrom, half of the pair that might reasonably be christened, Dumb & Dumberer, if that title hadnt already been taken by a sequel.In a nutshell, the movie is about a limo driver, Lloyd (Jim Carrey), and his pet-groomer pal, Harry (Jeff Daniels), and their adventures trying to track down a pretty passenger of Lloyds who leaves behind a satchel full of money. The passenger lives in Aspen, which takes the two of them on a madcap, cross-country jaunt to return the satchel and win the womans heart.Inspired by the story, Lindstrom and Walter Passi, both 18, left their homes in Highland, Utah (population around 8,000, altitude around 4,500), at about 3 a.m. Monday after a midnight meal at a local restaurant.The only problem?The movie actually was shot largely in Breckenridge, according to a summary on the Wikipedia website, as well as other Colorado locales Estes Park, Copper Mountain and in Lindstroms and Passis home state of Utah, at Park City and Salt Lake City.Bummer, said Passi when told of the discrepancy. Not what I wanted to hear.But Lindstrom suggested, Lets go there.To which Passi, brightening, replied, Weve still got a half tank of gas.The pair decided to make the trip on a whim, grabbing a fistful of clothes from their parents houses on the way out of town, and not letting anyone know where they were headed until they were already on the road.My mom thought it was hilarious, said Lindstrom, who is a senior in high school. Passi, who graduated high school a year early, is in his first year of college.The two are longtime chums. Lindstrom was born in the area; Passi moved to Utah from Montana at the age of 3, and the pair became friends when they were 4.For the adventure, they borrowed Passis brother-in-laws 1994 Acura Legend and drove seven hours straight through howling blizzards that closed airports and prompted chain laws to go into effect on high mountain passes.It was worth it, though, said Lindstrom, just to experience what it was really like to drive into Aspen after a marathon road trip.Arriving in Aspen in the late morning, they got directions to the Annabelle Inn on Main Street, where they slept for a few hours before rising to take in the sights of the town they had never seen but felt they knew.Weve never been here before, said Lindstrom in a telephone interview. We, like, live our lives through the movie as far as any Aspen connection was concerned.Neither man skis or snowboards.Ive been asked if I ski 10 times, Lindstrom.And though he consistently answered in the negative, he added about Aspen, Its actually a beautiful place. Id like to come back here and learn to ski.Although Lindstrom declared that we always just do this crazy stuff its all about being spontaneous, trying new things, Passi added, This is definitely the biggest, most spontaneous.The pair planned to stay in Aspen for another night before heading out, either back home or over to Breckenridge.As the pair bid farewell to a reporter on Monday morning, Lindstrom paused and remarked, Just for the record, that sequel? And then he shook his head and intoned, bad, bad, bad. Dont bother seeing it.

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