Eagle County graduates receive $142,000 in scholarships from Women’s Impact Network

Four Eagle County high school students earn scholarships at Edwards event

Left to right: Rachel Tjossem, college pathway specialist, YouthPower365; Allison Krausen, co-founder of Women's Impact Network; Anna Garcia, one of last year’s WIN scholarship recipients; Ngimi Sherpa, 2023 WIN scholarship recipient; Ava Crowley, 2023 WIN scholarship recipient; Christi San Diego, 2023 WIN scholarship recipient; Jennifer Ebner, co-founder of Women's Impact Network. Not pictured: 2023 WIN scholarship recipient Jacquelyn Chavez.
Women’s Impact Network/Courtesy photo

As the school year wraps up, many seniors are wondering what they’ll do next. But for four Eagle County graduates, the future just got brighter due to the reach of the Women’s Impact Network, a recently formed nonprofit.

The Women’s Impact Network scholarships go to Eagle County students who demonstrate passion and leadership in a specific area of their choice through past actions and future plans. These passions and proficiencies are not limited to academics or athletics, but may also include a passion for community service, social justice, health care, music, arts and more.

The scholarships are open to students who aspire to go to a four-year college and earn a degree or those choosing to attend a trade and vocational school. The Women’s Impact Network wants to reward all students drawn to create a positive impact on Eagle County and beyond.

The Women’s Impact Network was formed in November 2021 by Eagle County locals Jennifer Ebner and Allison Krausen. Each member donates $1,000 on an annual basis, with 100% of the tax-deductible donation going directly to the scholarship fund. Ebner and Krausen also give the members an opportunity to be as hands-on as they want with determining scholarship criteria, application reviews, interviews and the selection process.

The Women’s Impact Network works with the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 program to maximize the amount of dollars raised.

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“Vail Valley Foundation is grateful for our partnership with the Women’s Impact Network. Not only does this network of women help raise incredible amounts of money for our scholarship recipients, but they also offer a strong network of support for students as well. The women in this group have a clear dedication to the growth and well-being of our students through education and mentorship and we love to see such a collective, community-driven effort to support the next generation,” said Rachel Tjossem, college pathway specialist for YouthPower365. Once the recipients decide where they are going, the funds are paid directly to each school.

In its first year, the charity had 82 memberships and awarded $83,000 in scholarships to three participants. Since then, the Women’s Impact Network membership has grown.

“We added over 60 new members this year. We’ve grown organically and are continuing to spread the word to grow our network. Through the application and interview process, we have become keenly aware of the need among graduating seniors and feel compelled to grow as much as we can.,” Ebner said.  

In 2023, the group gave away $142,000 in scholarships to four Eagle County students at an event held in mid-May at Harvest in Edwards:

  • Ngimi Sherpa: CU Boulder, Pre-Law
  • Christi San Diego: Lewis and Clark University, Sociology/Psychology
  • Ava Crowley: CU Boulder, Business
  • Jaquelyn Chavez: Aims Community College, Aviation
Women’s Impact Network scholarship recipients are introduced on May 15 at Harvest in Edwards.
Women’s Impact Network/Courtesy photo

Last year, the Women’s Impact Network awarded three scholarships. The recipients were Ajoyah Brown, who attends the University of Colorado, Denver for nursing; Ana Garcia, who went to Azuza Pacifica University in California and is also majoring in nursing; and Will Elliott, who is majoring in business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Brown has been getting all A’s in her classes and found out she is graduating early. Garcia is coming home to work at My Future Pathways before returning to school in the fall. And Elliott is in the Leeds Honors program and recently joined a professional business fraternity centered around professional development.

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The Women’s Impact Network wants to give its members an opportunity to stay connected with scholarship recipients and provide mentoring and other support. It also provides volunteer opportunities to stay engaged with the community. The Women’s Impact Network has organized groups who have spent time at The Community Market, which helps out with food insecurity in Eagle County, and Roundup River Ranch, part of the Paul Newman SeriousFun Children’s Network which provides summer camp experienced for kids with serious illnesses.  

The organization welcomes new members and conversations about its mission. To learn more, visit and follow the Women’s Impact Network on Instagram.

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